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Kurt Steiner is the founder and CEO of CharityHowTo, NonprofitLibrary, and Nonprofit Apps! CharityHowTo started in 2008 and is a community of several hundred thousand nonprofit professionals who attend the highest quality live and on-demand training available in the world.  

Before founding these companies, Kurt helped to open and establish Firstgiving and was the Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Kurt was responsible for helping charities to fundraise online. During his time at the company, from inception until his departure, FirstGiving raised over $100 million online for charity.

Prior to that, Kurt also help to build and establish (FairMarket) an online internet auction company where he was director of sales and business development.  Kurt was responsible for closing many of the company's largest partnerships, including Microsoft, Dell, and Walmart. Microsoft took an equity stake in FairMarket and eventually, eBay acquired FairMarket.

The CharityHowTo brands:

  • Help nonprofit professionals get the highest quality online education, earn certifications, and develop their careers.

  • Learn about valuable products and services for nonprofits, and get discounts and other special offers to help nonprofits save money. 

  • Learn about all things technology for nonprofits.