How to Grow your Monthly Giving Program from Good to GREAT (Recording)

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How to Grow your Monthly Giving Program from Good to GREAT (Recording)
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How to Grow your Monthly Giving Program from Good to GREAT 

A Whopping 98% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

If you have a monthly giving program but are looking for how to get new donors and grow it further, this webinar recording is for you!

Join us to learn the steps involved in growing your monthly donor program beyond the first year, so that you know what to say when asking for donations and you can ensure that monthly donors will provide sustainable revenue for many years to come for YOUR organization.

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • A quick monthly donor program refresher
  • How to cultivate existing monthly donors
  • How to prevent and reactivate lapsed monthly donors
  • How to upgrade your monthly donors
  • How to acquire new monthly donors online
  • How to acquire new monthly donors via direct mail
  • How to acquire new monthly donors via telethons
  • How to convert credit card monthly donors to EFT/ACH
  • How to prepare an annual monthly donor plan

This is an intermediate webinar recording and is an ideal follow-up to the first session, "The Hidden Gem: How to Start Your Monthly Giving Program - A Step-By-Step Guide" which is available for instant access on-demand here.

This nonprofit course will help YOU GROW a monthly giving program to the next level with amazing nonprofit donor engagement strategies. You’ll also receive several handouts, worksheets, and samples.

This nonprofit webinar recording will help you bring your ‘small’ donor monthly giving program to a new level and provide ongoing revenue for many years to come.

If you’re ready to take your monthly giving program to the next level, register for this webinar right now!

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Prewritten customizable template for email to donors whose payment did not go through
  2. Prewritten customizable template for tax letter
  3. Prewritten customizable template for survey
  4. White paper on Monthly Donor Retention
  5. White paper on Outbound Telemarketing
  6. Monthly Donor Planner
  7. Monthly Donor Calculator
  8. Monthly Donor Retention Playbook
  9. Donor Testimonial Template
  10. Monthly Donor Annualizer
  11. Process Flow for Customization
  12. Webinar Slides

About Your Topic Expert:

Erica is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because: 

  1. She has more than 40 years of executing direct marketing and monthly giving campaigns with small, mid-size and large organizations. 
  2. She has written two books on monthly giving in addition to a number of special monthly giving resources and she blogs and presents regularly on direct mail and monthly giving. 
  3. She has personally managed a number of monthly giving programs, for various size organizations, tripling their value.  
  4. She is an AFP Master Trainer and she is actively working with organizations on growing their monthly giving and direct marketing revenue to higher levels through coaching, consulting as well as hands-on execution.

Erica Waasdorp, President of A Direct Solution and author of the recently published how-to guide on starting and growing a monthly giving program: “Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant.”

Erica lives and breathes direct response fundraising. She says she can even be considered a Philanthropyholic. Building partnerships and trying to find the best solution for donors and her clients are what Erica does best. Her multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural experience bring added value to those clients interested in raising money internationally. And her experience in monthly giving has given her an edge for those clients who are ready to embark on this way of giving.

Erica Waasdorp writes, edits and advises various direct marketing and national and international fundraising publications. She has written a number of important articles about monthly giving, international fundraising, and fundamentals of fundraising.

Erica’s first book: “Monthly giving. The Sleeping Giant” is available as a paper book and e-book. She lives with her husband and cat Mientje on Cape Cod. She loves to read, play golf and going to the movies.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“I really enjoyed the wide range of topics and how they can be used for organizations of different sizes. It was really insightful into the possibilities of how to grow our Monthly Donor Program.”

Ryleigh Collins, Humane Society London & Middlesex

“We launched a whole new approach to donor stewardship this year and I feel like I was just handed a playbook to make that program pop!  Thank you!!”

Rev Angie Kidd, Common Grace Ministries, Inc

“CharityHowTo's monthly giving Webinar with Erica Waasdorp was FANTASTIC. There's no other word for it. The supplemental materials provide a lot of value -- and I'll actually use them, as opposed to other webinars I've taken through other sites. I highly recommend this webinar -- and CharityHowTo in general -- for anyone seeking to level up their monthly giving program into a more professionalized revenue stream.”

Laurel Weber, For All Seasons, Inc

“This webinar had so much valuable information to offer. Lots of tips and how-tos!”

Suzanne Sughroue, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

“I've seen a lot of fundraising webinars that promise a lot but don't come through.   This webinar did exactly as promised!   Lots of excellent ideas to further our fundraising outreach and additional tools to accomplish that.   Bravo!!”

Sandra Lewin, Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

“This webinar was excellent! if all non profit organizations would have listened to this a year ago none of the governmental grants or loans would be as large as they are or maybe not even necessary.”

Dwayne Aboud, El Paso Border Youth Athletic Association

“Excellent and modern information on monthly giving trends that every nonprofit fundraising team should know.”

Sandy Wright, Columbia Riverkeeper

“I've launched a monthly giving program because of CharityHowTo's engaging and informative webinars, and with this second webinar, I feel confident that I have the tools and knowledge to continue to grow our program.”

David Garza, Point’s help

“If you or your organization needs to develop ways to increase giving, look no further than considering CharityHowTo.  From the registration process all the way to the completion of the webinar, the transition was smooth and worry-free. The content was presented clearly, just as important the resources given afterward will be useful. We now have a better understanding of what it will take to develop, implement our monthly giving program and to sustain it.”

Alexander Arceo, Southeast Seattle Senior Center

“I really liked how interactive Erica made the webinar!”

Jessica Weaver, Mission Services of London

“Very insightful with good balance of industry standards and concrete tips and best practices to grow your monthly giving program!”

Shandra Niswander, Wells of Life

“There was a ton of valuable information.  I appreciated the clear and concise manner in which the content was presented.  It was easy to follow and very easy to connect to the webinar when it was time.  I also appreciated the multiple email reminders and the supplemental materials that were made available.”  

Karen Diers, Refuge for Women

“I learned a lot and received great tools and ideas to put into action immediately, as well as resources to develop a great plan and strategy for monthly donors.  Thanks!”

Haylee Hall, Heroes for Children

“This was so helpful… I learned that we are already doing a lot of things right, and I have concrete ideas for improvements we can make to our monthly donor program. The tone was friendly and I don't feel (very) overwhelmed. I feel energized.”

Patrice Baker, Lucy´s Love Bus

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