Free Webinar: How to Increase Donor Engagement through the Power of Responsive Fundraising (Recording)

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Free Webinar: How to Increase Donor Engagement through the Power of Responsive Fundraising (Recording)

Do you feel handcuffed to outdated technology and fundraising strategies that don’t move the needle? Are you searching for a way to create meaningful connections with your donors and grow generosity for your organization?

Join our experts, Bryan Funk and Kelly Cristaldi, as they discuss the power of responsive fundraising. Responsive fundraising grows giving through personalized donor journeys that respond to the needs of each individual. 

During This FREE Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You’ll Learn:

  • How technology has changed the way nonprofits fundraise
  • How to leverage responsive fundraising to build trust and donor loyalty through personalized engagement
  • How a best-in-class CRM platform built for nonprofits helps grow generosity
  • How to select the best CRM platform for your nonprofit

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. The Complete Nonprofit CRM Checklist
  2. The Responsive Fundraising Playbook

About Your Topic Expert:

Kelly Cristaldi joined Virtuous two years ago and serves as the company’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager. In that role, she helps oversee product marketing and customer marketing and is responsible for actively promoting Virtuous’s suite of products and demonstrating its position as a nonprofit industry leader. 

Prior to joining Virtuous, Kelly worked for 5 years in the animal welfare sector and specialized in marketing, PR, and fundraising with a focus on major donors and corporate sponsorship. 

Bryan Funk joined Virtuous three years ago and serves as the company’s VP of Marketing. In that role, he helps oversee the marketing team and is responsible for working collaboratively with Sales to create strategic goals and planning to help nonprofits across the globe unlock exponential growth through the power of responsive fundraising. 

Prior to joining Virtuous, he spent the last decade leading global peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, raising millions of dollars, forging synergistic partnerships with influencers and nonprofits, and mobilizing thousands of people across a variety of cause areas including human rights, peace building, enhancing civil society, and mental health. 

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