Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Use Coaching Techniques to Help Solve Your Next Fundraising Challenge (Recording)

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Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Use Coaching Techniques to Help Solve Your Next Fundraising Challenge  (Recording)

Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Use Coaching Techniques to Help Solve Your Next Fundraising Challenge 

Do you want to support your team in solving fundraising challenges? Or perhaps you have a colleague who is facing a fundraising problem? Are you looking for tools that can help you be a better manager and leader?   

Then get the fundraising skills necessary and join us for this 45-minute FREE Nonprofit Webinar Recording where fundraising expert Michelle Stein will show you step-by-step how to use coaching to solve your fundraising challenges. 

We will start our learning with active listening, so you’ll properly identify the particular challenge being faced. Then we will go through the coaching model and learn the techniques that you can apply to any fundraising issue. 

The beauty of coaching is that you can apply these techniques regardless of what area of fundraising you work in, or what type of work your nonprofit does. At the end of this 45-minute nonprofit webinar recording, you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to coach your colleagues or team members.

This is the fundraising for nonprofits course is the fundraising training everyone needs!

During This Fundraising Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to actively listen to problems faced by your fundraising team or colleagues 
  • How to identify problems, think through options, and apply solutions using a coaching method
  • How to help colleagues with fundraising dilemmas even when you don’t know the solution or are not familiar with their area of fundraising 
  • How to develop colleagues so you get the best out of your team   

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About Your Topic Expert:

Michelle is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because she:

  1. Has Trained over 1,000 fundraisers from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and South Africa 
  2. Has doubled major donor income in five organizations
  3. Helped fundraisers in over 25 nonprofits exceed their major donor targets by an average of 35 percent. 
  4. Support and coach team leaders 

Michelle Stein, founder of Handmade Fundraising, is a fundraising consultant who specializes in relationship fundraising.

She has worked in charities spanning faith, international development and arts and heritage, most recently at the British Museum where she worked with some of the biggest philanthropic families in the UK.

She is also passionate about team development and supports team leaders to get the best from their fundraising teams. 

She has trained fundraisers in the UK, Europe, Australia and South Africa and knows from first hand experience that with the right training, any fundraiser can go from mediocre to extraordinary!

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Great content that is relevant to my current career and future!”

Jessica Javorsky, Mosaic

“Michelle Stein delivered great content, anyone can use, with how to proceed. I look forward to practicing in our organization, and in my personal life.”

Christine Albert, OnePercent for Education

“Like Michelle, as my career has progressed, I have found myself doing more fundraising coaching. Rather than prescribing a solution based on my experience, the GROW approach empowers the person receiving the coaching to gain confidence with developing their own solutions to challenging situations.”

Mary Hubl, Vic Gutman & Associates Inc

“This was a unique and interesting approach to fundraising. I highly recommend it.”

Katie Hudak, Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services, Inc

“Too many nonprofit managers lack the training and skills to succeed. This webinar offered a succinct, straight-forward, easy method that managers can readily adopt and apply -- thank you!”  

Jocelyn Berger, HIAS

“Very appreciative of the opportunities provided by CharityHowTo to learn from experts in their field at no cost. Thank you!”

Carmen Marttila, Junior Achievement of Washington

“I specifically liked the GROW method that I plan to use in preparation for our next fundraiser.”

Susie Crowley, The University of New Mexico

"Michelle was an excellent presenter and really knew what she was talking about and gave us lots to work on and I liked her comment that you do not need to know everything to be a manager and get others to think for themselves."

Joe Gray, SHARE Agriculture Foundation

“I love how simple and clear this coaching method is! I've learned other coaching methods before, but this one is definitely the best.”

Tess Conrad, Ecojustice

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