Certification FAQs

Certification of Completion and Competency

Certificate of Completion

Whenever you register for a live event and or view an on-demand course you automatically earn a certificate of completion when you view a minimum of 80% of that course.

Simply register and attend a live training class and or view course and the system will automatically generate your certificate of completion that will be available in your CharityHowTo account located in the certificate section here.

Inside your CharityHowTo account You can find all of your certificates in the certificate section!

Simply login to your account and visit the certificate section. From here you’ll be able to share your certificate on LinkedIn, via email, download a PDF, view the PDF, and share by email.

Yes, see image below.Simply make sure you're logged into your LinkedIn account already then visit the certificate section.

certificate of competency

Certificate of Competency FAQ’s

A certificate of competency is a certificate you earn after completing a series of courses both free, premium, on-demand or live. The certificate demonstrates that you have competency in anyone of the following areas below.

You can earn a certificate of competency in the following areas:
Click below to see the classes for each Certificate of Competency

No, whenever you attend a live training for view and on-demand training that is part of a certificate of competency you will automatically receive the certificate of completion on your path toward competency. You do not need to complete the courses in any particular order.

When visiting any course page look for the following symbols and click to see the certification path and competency.

certificate of competency

Great news! No matter which course you choose to complete, you can rest assured that if there is any overlap in courses relating to a specific competency, you will still earn your certificate of completion for that competency.

For instance, within the fundraising certificate of competency, there is a class called "the awesome ask." Interestingly, this class is also included in the "asking" certificate of competency. The advantage here is that you only have to complete the class once, and it will automatically count towards both certificates of competency. This streamlined approach ensures efficiency and saves you from redundant efforts and saves you money.

When visiting any course page click on the certificate icon to see your completion to date.

certificate of competency certificate of competency

Alternatively you can log into your CharityHowTo account and visit the certification section to see the certificates of completion and the certificates of competency. Once a certificate of competency has been obtained you will see a similar image:

The system will generate your certificate of competency at 12 AM Eastern time. Come back the next day to see it in your CharityHowTo profile! If for some reason you are unable to find your certificate you believe should be in your account please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

certificate of competency

No, you can choose live or on-demand. Either one will generate a certificate of completion and record your path toward earning your certificate of competency.

No, you can use the On-Demand webinar recording and it will automatically apply toward your competency.


Yes. Whether you are a member or not either way you’ll earn both certificates of completionCertificates of competency.

When you have an active CharityHowTo membership account You only pay 50% for all workshops. If you have not received your 50% coupon code already please contact [email protected], and thank you for becoming a member.

Yes, see image below.Simply make sure you're logged into your LinkedIn account already then visit the certificate section.

certificate of competency