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Grants Certificate of Competency

Courses required to earn the certificate of competency

Curso 1
Grant Writing For Nonprofits 101: How to Write a Grant Application That Wins!

Enroll in the "Grant Writing 101" webinar for fundamental insights. Learn to craft successful grant applications, securing funding with well-structured components.

Curso 1
Finding a Needle in a Haystack: How to Successfully Research Grants

This nonprofit webinar will provide practical tips and strategies to help you learn how to research grants for nonprofits.

Curso 1
Free Nonprofit Webinar: So You Want to Write a Grant?

Register to uncover grant writing in our free nonprofit webinar for beginners. Initiate the process, master essential steps, and gain success insights and tips.

Curso 1
Grant Maker Relationships 101: How to Get Started

Come and join expert Diane Leonard, GPC, in this nonprofit webinar for Grant Writing training. Learn to build ties with grant makers *EARLY* before applying.

Curso 1
How to Successfully Tell Your Story in Your Grant Application

Joining this grant writing webinar will teach you how to craft a compelling story in your grant application.

Curso 1
Federal Grants 101: Securing Millions for Your Organization

Join our nonprofit webinar, where we’ll guide you through the steps to make sure you’re “grant ready” as a potential recipient of federal grants for nonprofits.

Curso 1
Mastering the Critical 1st Step for Grants: Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

Participating in this grant writing webinar will walk you through how to write a letter of inquiry that will get your potential funder’s attention.

Curso 1
How to Knock Your Grantmaker's Socks Off

In this grant writing training, you will learn the steps necessary to write a grant application that engages your reviewers and compels them to advocate for you.

Curso 1
How to Write a Grant Budget That Tells (and sells) Your Application’s Story

In this live webinar, you will learn how to write a grant budget for your application that tells the story of your proposal and help get the grant award.

Curso 1
How to Excel in Online Applications and Get the Grant!

During this grant writing webinar, we will address how to create a concise, compelling, and competitive application for online grant application scenarios.