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icon certificate Nonprofit Storytelling Certificate of Competency.

Nonprofit Storytelling Certificate of Competency

Courses required to earn the certificate of competency

Curso 1
How to Tell Stories That Motivate Donors to Give --The Real Story You Need to Tell

This webinar on Nonprofit Storytelling will show you how to discover your fundraising stories, and how to tell them with grace, drama, and effectiveness!

Curso 1
Ethical Storytelling for Fundraising Communications - How to Create Compelling Content without Exploitation: A Step by Step Guide

In this session, we will equip you with the tools to ethically improve your Nonprofit Storytelling and take your fundraising communications to the next level.

Curso 1
Two Hour Interactive Workshop! How To Create Safe Nonprofit Stories That Inspire Action: A Workshop on Trauma-Informed Storytelling

This 2-hour workshop will explore trauma-informed storytelling, a safe and healthy process for your beneficiaries, audiences, and even storytellers.

Curso 1
How to Create a Compelling Video That Moves Hearts, Minds and Checkbooks for Your Next Nonprofit Event or Gala (Recording)

Join us and let's explore Nonprofit Video Storytelling in our recorded webinar. Craft impactful messages, and create compelling videos with 3 clips and music.

Curso 1
How to Tell Stories That Motivate Donors to Give --The Real Story You Need to Tell (Recording)

This recorded session is a must-watch for anyone looking to unlock their organization's potential for successful fundraising with nonprofit storytelling.

Curso 1
Interactive Workshop! How To Plan 90 Days of Story-Driven Content that Drives Action

During this session, we'll cover building an editorial calendar aligned with your goals, optimizing workflows, and gathering trauma-informed and ethical stories.