How to Create a Compelling Video That Moves Hearts, Minds and Checkbooks for Your Next Nonprofit Event or Gala (Recording)

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How to Create a Compelling Video That Moves Hearts, Minds and Checkbooks for Your Next Nonprofit Event or Gala (Recording)
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How to Create a Compelling Video That Moves Hearts, Minds and Checkbooks for Your Next Nonprofit Event or Gala 

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Creating an impactful video ahead of your virtual event or gala is about more than just hitting the record button. In this 90-minute recorded webinar, you will learn how to create the most compelling message to move hearts, minds, and wallets and edit a simple video with 3 clips and music, how to output that video, and your options for hosting. 

In this step-by-step workshop, you will be guided as we walk hand-in-hand through the planning of and successful creation of a pre-event video including: identifying your target donors within the public audience, choosing your Dream Storyteller, selecting platforms, and how to edit together a simple video or hero story video. This is nonprofit video storytelling how it should be!

By the end of this session, you should be able to gather your event team and key stakeholders and by working together, identify the key messages and people who will truly move the thermometer on your gala goals and how to speak to them with well-designed video marketing for nonprofits

You’ll know how to set up a well-lit interview or testimonial that will make for great content even from any cell phone. We’ll walk through the basics of editing together clips, adding in a title card and a call to action as well as how to add music. By using the bonus materials - you will be able to create a storyboard to plan your video, conduct the best possible interviews or coach testimonials, and have an action plan for editing and distributing your video to reach those key donors where they are. 

During This Nonprofit Video Strategy Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • How to identify your nonprofit's most urgent and compelling message. 
  • How to think creatively about who should share that message/ tell that story to inspire your donors to action.
  • How to identify your resources and choose a video editing platform. 
  • How to quickly and easily capture and use DIY video by learning a few simple technical steps to upload video to a platform, edit video clip length, piece together multiple clips, and add music and titles for your video.
  • How to get the most viewers and value from your video. 

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Gala goals and messaging worksheet 
  2. Platform Guide 
  3. Interviewing 101 video - both technical and interview coaching
  4. Storyboarding: A Nonprofit Guide
  5. Sample Media Release
  6. The Webinar Slides 

About Your Topic Expert:

Dannielle is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. Has produced more than 20 videos specifically in the wake of COVID including videos for virtual annual meetings as well as virtual galas for nonprofits serving on the front lines.
  2. Currently works with nonprofits to move beyond an everything stew mentally that ultimately makes a video ineffective and into focused messages, with a clear call-to-action that moves hearts, minds, and checkbooks by creating 2-6 gala videos a month. 
  3. Helps nonprofits navigate the challenges of special-requirement populations including HIPAA-protected participants, the elderly, minors, those with mental health challenges, and more with creative storytelling that respects the subjects of the video. 

Dannielle Stewart supports & grows the mission of nonprofits and Corporate Social Responsibility programs through strategic, well-researched marketing communications and high-quality video productions. 

She works as a producer and a writer for nonprofit organizations and, in leading up to the 2020 virtual gala season, has produced videos that address the most urgent needs for nonprofits serving vulnerable populations on the front lines. After a special volunteer visit to the West Bank following the Arab Spring, she decided to pivot her communication expertise into helping nonprofits create solid and defendable messaging strategies that drive the work of fundraising, campaign awareness, create a connection between those needing services and those who can support them, issue awareness, elevating the message of equity and generally dedicated to the human stories that compel us all to action.  

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“One of the best webinars I have attended with CharityHowTo. Dannielle was very engaging and knowledgeable on this topic. She had great energy throughout and answered all of our questions.”

Caitlyn Conibear, Steps to End Domestic Violence

“AN excellent overview of the topic in 1 1/2 hrs.  Very useful.  I am a CEO and I now know much more about what to ask of my development team.”

Neil Calman, The Institute for Family Health

“Dannielle was very engaging and helpful in delivering the content. It was clear that she was there to provide help/information for those on the call in their specific situations/jobs, and not just deliver information from a document.”

Liz Bunnell,  Labouré 

“Finally! A webinar that taught me how to create a compelling video by not-so-tech-savvy me on a shoestring budget! All the necessary elements were broken down into digestible and replicable pieces. I feel confident that I can now create a compelling video for our cause. Many thanks!”

Beth Grafman, The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled

“This was the best webinar to date.  The act of watching the creation was very helpful!”

DoeLeen Rover, Xavier College Preparatory High School.

“This was a great resource and introduction to StoryTelling that broke down the process of creating videos and made them approachable”

Brooke Lerman, 2020 Mom.

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