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Fundraising Certificate of Competency

Courses required to earn the certificate of competency

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Free Nonprofit Webinar: 5 Weirdly Easy “Life Hacks” That Will Make Your Fundraising Work MUCH Better

This free nonprofit webinar will help you start your projects on the right foot by providing you with great fundraising tips to raise more money. Don't miss it!

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How to Create a Powerful Case for Support: The Must-Have Fundraising Publication for Every Nonprofit

Elevate fundraising through our nonprofit webinar on crafting a compelling Case for Support. Enhance contributed income by mastering persuasive narratives.

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How to Organize an Annual Giving Campaign that Draws Donors in and Keeps Them Engaged

In this interactive nonprofit webinar, Sabrina will show you how to set up and run an Annual Giving Campaign that draws donors in and keeps them engaged.

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How to Thank Donors So They Really Feel Thanked: Donor Love Techniques that Work

During this live nonprofit webinar, we will cover how to thank donors and learn how to do it well makes all the difference.

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How to Create a Newsletter That Motivates Donors to Give and Give Again: The Proven Formula for Success

Explore this webinar and create a Nonprofit Newsletter that motivates donors. Learn tips from concept to writing, design, and printing for enduring giving.

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How to Write a Nonprofit Thank You Letter That Makes Donors Smile and Want to Give Again!

This 90-minute live webinar will show you how to create a nonprofit thank you letter that makes your donors smile and want to give again.

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How To Connect, Build Relationships and Fundraise from the Millennial Generation

Join our premium live webinar for nonprofit professionals and learn Fundraising Training insights to connect with Millennials and boost your organization's impact.