Virtual Donor Engagement: How to Connect With and Engage Your Donors Through Virtual Experiences (Recording)

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Virtual Donor Engagement: How to Connect With and Engage Your Donors Through Virtual Experiences (Recording)
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Virtual Donor Engagement: How to Connect With and Engage Your Donors Through Virtual Experiences 

A Whopping 92% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

Join us for a hands-on training for nonprofit professionals on how to connect with donors, where you will learn how to create and launch a virtual engagement strategy that achieves your fundraising outcomes and withstands this era of wild change. 

The pandemic has created an urgent need for human connection in a time when in-person experiences continue to remain uncertain - but how do we sustain momentum amidst a surplus of virtual events and webinar fatigue? 

How do we adapt our virtual engagement strategies to ever-shifting limitations and forecast revenues in an increasingly uncertain era?

Join Caliopy Glaros, a donor engagement strategist who is currently helping dozens of global nonprofits design successful virtual experiences that foster deeper connections and inspire increased support. 

This is not about executing one successful event - it’s about how to position that event in your entire engagement strategy so that you create something that complements - not competes - with your other initiatives, and helps your organization get new donors.  

This nonprofit training course is also not about investing in expensive software or learning an entirely new platform - it’s about using the resources you have to adapt to new and continue to engage your existing donors, find new potential donors, and get on with your online fundraising. 

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording on Fundraising Events to Get Online Donations, You Will Learn:

  • How to select a virtual experience format that’s right for you
  • How to distinguish between different virtual formats
  • How to set appropriate goals for the virtual experience
  • How to determine your audience’s needs and motivations for attending
  • How to select a virtual format that achieves your outcomes
  • How to increase attendance and participation in your virtual experiences
  • How to market your virtual experiences to get the right people to attend
  • How to increase audience participation during the experience
  • How to leverage the virtual experience for future outreach
  • How to monetize your virtual experiences
  • How to determine which models are best for philanthropy and which models are best for revenue
  • How to determine your resource needs for your virtual experiences
  • How to leverage your time, talent, and technology for successful implementation
  • How to determine when to outsource support and where to find it
  • How to create a Virtual Engagement Strategy during the pandemic and beyond
  • How to measure and select metrics for your virtual experiences
  • How to forecast and scenario-plan in a time of wild change
  • How to create, test, and evaluate hypotheses for your virtual experiences

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. List of 100 Ideas for Virtual Donor Experiences
  2. Links to view the Websites and Recordings of 20 different Virtual Events
  3. List of free and low-cost Virtual Experience tools
  4. Hypothesis Worksheet
  5. The Webinar Slides

About Your Topic Expert:

Caliopy  is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. She has spent years consulting organizations whose supporters can’t experience the mission firsthand (humanitarian aid and environmental conservation groups among them) in developing robust virtual experiences.
  2. She has worked with dozens of organizations to transform their in-person experiences (events, meetings, tours, performances, and trips) to virtual experiences.
  3. She is a practitioner as well as a scholar, who studies how participatory experiences change people. She helps translate the best research in social psychology and anthropology into immediately actionable and applicable steps.

Caliopy Glaros helps mission-driven organizations connect their stakeholders through travel, storytelling, and virtual engagement. 

As a consultant for Philanthropy without Borders, she works with organizations to create impactful virtual and in-person opportunities for donors to connect directly to the programs they support. 

After years of consulting nonprofits whose donors have limited in-person access to the mission-related work (such as humanitarian aid and environmental conservation groups), she developed tools and strategies to help them create virtual experiences that enhance participation and bring donors closer to the mission. 

In addition to her extensive research, writing, and speaking, she provides group training, meeting facilitation, individual coaching, and project consulting on mass market communications, one-on-one stewardship, events, site-visits, tours, and travel programs. Caliopy has an academic background in Anthropology and Adult Learning, and is a certified trainer in Intercultural Communication.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Caliopy was incredibly knowledgeable and shared some amazing information! This is a very timely topic that museums and nonprofits of any size can appreciate and learn about in these times of uncertainty.  I would definitely recommend this webinar for anyone having to pivot to virtual programs.”

James Smith, St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

“I found the webinar to be very practical, with information that was applicable to many different organizations in the nonprofit sector.  I work as an Event Planner at a non-profit, but also serve on the boards of two other unrelated nonprofits, and I found this useful on all levels.”

Anne Laskey, Pasadena Senior Center

“This webinar generated a lot of ideas for me to take back to my organization. Caliopy demonstrated her expertise and shared so many different tips and thought provoking questions.”

Scott Bunn, National Farm to School Network

“Caliopy has extensive knowledge about donor engagement. The presentation was engaging and contained practical information that could be applied to an organization's donor development plan. The webinar also provided a breakdown of the different elements of raising money like the differences between philanthropy versus revenue fundraising. I will definitely recommend this series to my colleagues.”

Valencia Wood, The Mandala School

“I learned so much in this webinar and I am excited to dig into the free resources.”

Justina Johnson, Parrott Creek

“This webinar answered many of the questions I had about virtual engagement and donor acquisition

Joyce Bagiraneza, International Ministries

“Critical information presented in an engaging way, with good attention to participants.” 

Heather Haines, International Fund for Animal Welfare

“Really engaging - got to the heart of many problems we are all facing in these uncertain times and the ever-changing virtual event landscape.”  

Dawn Sykes, DOVEma

“Caliopy is an excellent presenter, very knowledgeable with interesting ideas, new concepts, and her programs are packed with information. Definitely worth taking her webinars every time.”

Cathay Click, Basalt Regional Library

“Caliopy is extremely knowledgeable and created a presentation jam-packed with practical information.”

Rochelle Cassella, Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

“Great ideas. Looks like wonderful resources will be shared with us. Love the energy and enthusiasm of our presenter”

Katie Theeke,  For All Seasons, Inc.

“Awesome Insight into a new environment we all find ourselves in.”

Stephen Sweeney, JAARS, INC.

I liked the content, the examples, and the experience of the speaker. I will totally recommend CharityHowTo to my colleagues!”

Adriana González Cabrera.

“The presenter was engaging and professional. I appreciated learning some new ways to think about events! As compared to writing skills, there are relatively very few intermediates to advance educational topics around fundraising events.”

Dawn Gill, House of Friendship

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