NEW! How to Use the DISC Personality Profile to Build Stronger Nonprofit Teams

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NEW! How to Use the DISC Personality Profile to Build Stronger Nonprofit Teams
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Whether you’re communicating with your team, your volunteers, or your board members, it’s critical to communicate effectively so that your message gets through.  Understanding your own communication style and the styles of others is the start to understanding and adapting to the styles of others.  

Join us for this 90-minute interactive webinar where we will show you how to overcome communication frustrations and capitalize on your own personal communication strengths as a nonprofit leader. 

Using the DISC profile in your nonprofit helps dissolve communication barriers and build common ground so you can better connect with others at any level. By recognizing the communication preferences of key people at work you pave the way for better understanding and connection with them.  When you’re willing to also adapt how you communicate in return it minimizes miscommunication and streamlines your message to them. 

During This Nonprofit Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How to Identify the four DISC communication styles in yourself. 
  • How to Recognize the four DISC communication styles in others.
  • How to Practice adapting your style to reach others.
  • How to Recognize what to appreciate about communication styles different than yours.
  • How to Adapt your own communication to connect with those who have a different communication style than your own.
  • How to Capitalize on those variations to build a strong team.
  • How to Discover best practices for communicating with different styles in person, on the phone, or in an email. 

As a professional in the nonprofit world it’s critical to be able to communicate well with individuals in all communication styles.  Learning to recognize and adapt your own personal communication style gives you the confidence that you can deliver your message in all circumstances. 

Jackie Martin is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. She has 25 years experience training corporate and nonprofit professionals how to better communicate with themselves and others
  2. She has a clear understanding of the communication roadblocks that can come up as a nonprofit leader, as she is the Founder of BMore Learning a new student education nonprofit
  3. Of her first-hand experience as a member of several nonprofit boards
  4. She has provided years of retreat experiences for nonprofit organizations and boards where communication is a key element to success

 You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. BCommunication Styles Cheat Sheet
  2. Strategies for Using the DISC Profile When Sending Text or Email
  3. Dos & Don’t with DISC Communication Styles
  4. Mini Disc assessment
  5. The Webinar Slides 
  6. The Webinar Recording 

About Your Topic Expert:

Jackie Martin is the CEO of A Matter of Motivation, and the founder of the BMore Learning Student Program.  She brings together years of experience equipping teams, corporate leaders, and business owners all over the world with the communication, leadership, change resiliency, and business skills needed in the workplace.

Jackie was tired of hearing parents and business leaders complain about, “kids these days…” so in addition to her work in the corporate arena, she developed a workforce-readiness workshop for students and young professionals to prepare them for life in the real-world.  In these fast-paced workshops and hands-on bootcamp settings, her team arms both students and parents with the social, communication, and leadership skills to take the next best steps in business and in life.

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Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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