The Nonprofit Storytelling Bundle

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The Nonprofit Storytelling Bundle
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Recorded Webinars Included in This Bundle:

  • WEBINAR #1: Ethical Storytelling for Fundraising Communications - How to Create Compelling Content without Exploitation: A Step by Step Guide
  • WEBINAR #2: How to Create an Army of Online Storytellers to Help Spread the Word for Your Nonprofit
  • WEBINAR #3: How to Tell Stories That Motivate Donors to Give  --The Real Story You Need to Tell
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Do you have great stories to tell but are not sure how and where to tell them? Do you have several supporters that could be engaged to spread the word about your nonprofit, but you don’t know where to start?

Whether your nonprofit is large or small, has a huge online presence, or is just starting, you can create a system for storytelling and engaging storytelling ambassadors that will help attract new donors and build your online community.

This storytelling bundle is about more than the messages themselves - it’s about the entire storytelling process, from the acquisition of content to interpretation, to crafting the narrative and measuring its effectiveness. 

The presenters of this bundle’s webinars are on a mission to create high-performing nonprofits from the foundation up, starting with strong and effective storytelling.

A Look Inside This Webinar Bundle:

WEBINAR #1: Ethical Storytelling for Fundraising Communications - How to Create Compelling Content without Exploitation: A Step by Step Guide WEBINAR #2: How to Create an Army of Online Storytellers to Help Spread the Word for Your Nonprofit
  • How to Assess Your Current Storytelling Strategy
    a. How to assess exploitative elements in fundraising communications
    b. How to gather evidence to inform your storytelling process
    c. How to collect and apply feedback from your story contributors
    d. How to collect and apply feedback from your audience 
    e. How to identify your own strengths and limitations as a storyteller
  • How to Create an Ethical Storytelling Strategy
    a. How to engage your team in a collaborative process to define (and refine) shared principals
    b. How to determine what codes and guidelines you need
    c. How to identify key messages in your storytelling strategy
    d. How to identify the best methods for communicating your key messages
  • How to Launch Your Ethical Storytelling Strategy
    a. How to launch new initiatives that educate and inspire donors
    b. How to determine which metrics you need to measure success
    c. How to engage all stakeholders throughout the process
    d. How to keep your team growing and learning
  • How to incorporate data into storytelling
  • How to use visuals to enhance your nonprofit's stories
  • How to craft powerful calls to action at the end of each story
  • How to measure your results to ensure ROI (Return on Investment)
  • A step-by-step actionable plan to identify, recruit and train storytelling ambassadors for your nonprofit
  • How to engage and activate Storytelling Ambassadors using your nonprofit website, email newsletter, blog and social media channels
  • How to keep storytelling ambassadors motivated and engaged
PLUS, Bonuses Included in Webinar #1: PLUS, Bonuses Included in Webinar #2:
  1. Worksheet: How to Assess Your Current Storytelling Strategy
  2. Worksheet: How to Create an Ethical Storytelling Strategy
  3. Worksheet : How to Launch Your Ethical Storytelling Strategy
  4. Sample: Donor Feedback Questionnaire 
  5. Sample: Contributor Feedback Questionnaire 
  6. The Webinar Slides 
  1. Storytelling Ambassadors Job Description template
  2. Storytelling Ambassadors Online Tool Kit checklist template
  3. Nonprofit Storytelling System Work Plan template
  4. 5 examples of nonprofit stories that compel people to give - video links
  5. The Slides
WEBINAR #3: How to Tell Stories That Motivate Donors to Give  --The Real Story You Need to Tell  
  • Why donors give -- and how you can give them what they need
  • How to tell stories for asking
  • How to tell stories for thanking and reporting back
  • Writing tips for vivid and effective stories
PLUS, Bonuses Included in Webinar #3:  
  1. Outline of a successful story-based fundraising message
  2. Outline of a successful newsletter story
  3. Prompts for Telling Great Fundraising Stories
  4. Where’s the puppy? -- reminder poster for storytellers
  5. The

What Attendees Said about These Nonprofit Webinar Recordings:

“I took a LOT of information away from this webinar, and was pleasantly surprised by how much of it could be put into direct action. Caliopy is an excellent presenter, and her knowledge on the topic is very broad. This was 100% worth the cost of the presentation, and I am very excited to examine our marketing material through the lens of what I learned today!”

Susan Boyle, Social Advocates for Youth

“Caliopy shared so much valuable and incredibly timely knowledge for telling folks stories ethically. My organization works with children with disabilities and we are really looking to improve our storytelling. This webinar gave me a wealth of information to digest, talk with my team, and create new processes based on expert advice.”

Caitlyn Malik, The Shadow Project

“I can't believe how much content Caliopy was able to pack into an hour-and-a-half webinar! I learned so much and the supplemental materials were outstanding. I already forwarded them to colleagues, and plan to implement many of the best practices right away.”

Alaina Yoakum, 10,000 Degrees

"Julia is a font of knowledge in all areas of digital fundraising. Her genuine enthusiasm for nonprofit marketing and fundraising is inspiring. This topic was extremely timely for me since I just launched a digital ambassador program and I'm looking for ways to keep our members engaged and excited. I'll definitely be able to use many of the suggestions provided in this nonprofit webinar to amplify our campaign."

Adam Blanchard, Dayton Children's 

“This is the best webinar I have ever attended.  Julia had my attention from the start to the end and I look forward to going back and revisiting the webinar, so much good info.”

Todd Vradenburg, Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation

“I like how straightforward, simple and clear Julia presents all of this information. I'm working for a non-profit but also thinking of starting my own (a different need), however the art of reaching people that also have a shared passion, is the same!  Thank you and I look forward to sharing your information with my team!”

Jane Johns

“Jeff Brooks presents information in the same engaging way he advises we present our communications to donors. The time and money spent on his webinars are well worth it for experienced fundraisers and new fundraisers. Everyone can benefit from reminders of things we know, or learn techniques that are new to us.”

Katheryne Goodman, Rush Homes

“After 35 years in fundraising, I thought I knew it all.  But during this webinar, Jeff Brooks showed me that this old dog could learn new tricks!”

Rebecca Heal, Utah Youth Village

“This was a fantastic reminder to think from the donor's perspective, and walked through very practical steps to ensure we do that in all of our communications. Thank you, Jeff!” 

Chandra Luczak, UNICEF USA

About Your Topic Experts:

Caliopy Glaros helps organizations transform their donor engagement strategies into catalysts for positive social change. As a consultant for Philanthropy without Borders, she works with organizations to create impactful virtual and in-person opportunities for donors to connect directly to the programs they support. After years of seeing nonprofits struggle with power dynamics and exploitative elements often inherent in site-visits and mass market communications, she developed tools and strategies to help them curate better experiences and design communications that build empathy and intercultural competence in their supporters. In addition to her extensive research, writing, and speaking, she provides group training, individual coaching, and project consulting on mass market communications, one-on-one stewardship, events, site-visits, tours, and travel programs. 

Caliopy has an academic background in Anthropology and Adult Learning, is a certified trainer in Intercultural Communication, and the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access (IDEA) Chair of the Oregon and SW Washington Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


Julia Campbell is a digital marketing strategist and nonprofit technology evangelist, providing workshops, webinars and trainings to nonprofit professionals in organizations of all sizes. 

Using social media, email, blogging and online fundraising platforms, Julia has a long history of helping nonprofits find success online. After 10 years in the nonprofit sector as a one-woman development director and marketing shop, she founded J Campbell Social Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency based in Beverly, MA. She has been featured on Maximize Social Business,, MarketWatch, Alltop, Salon, Social Media Today, Forbes and Business 2 Community. Her blog was named one of the Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs in the world and she is included in the Top 40 Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014.


Jeff Brooks has served the nonprofit community for nearly 30 years, working as a writer and creative director on behalf of large and small nonprofits, including CARE, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, World Vision, Feeding America, Project HOPE, and dozens of urban rescue missions and Salvation Army divisions.  He has planned and executed hundreds of campaigns in direct mail, print, radio, the internet, and other media that have motivated millions of donors to help make the world a better place.  

He blogs at, and is the author of three books: The Fundraiser's Guide to Irresistible Communications, The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand, and How to Turn Your Words into Money. He lives in Seattle.

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