How to Develop a Cultivation and Stewardship Plan For Donor Retention

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How to Develop a Cultivation and Stewardship Plan For Donor Retention
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Join Sabrina Walker Hernandez for this 90-minute interactive nonprofit webinar where she will show you how to develop a cultivation and stewardship plan for donor retention.

75% of the fundraising process is cultivation and stewardship. If you want to attract and retain donors, you must have a plan. A good plan will help your nonprofit create connections with potential, current, and lapsed donors that will inspire them to give again and again and again. 

Cultivation is building the relationship with the donor before the ask. 

Stewardship is deepening and expanding relationships with donors after the ask.

Strategic cultivation and stewardship plans when implemented correctly, will:

● Engage current Board members in the fundraising process;

● Lay the groundwork for making the ask;


● Increase donor retention. 

Based on a number of studies, the most common reasons a donor stops giving to a nonprofit involve cultivation and stewardship. They think the charity didn’t need them, they were never thanked for their donation or they received no information on how their money was used.

At the end of this 90-minute nonprofit course, you will have the knowledge and tools to create and execute a cultivation and stewardship plan for your nonprofit that actively addresses the most common reasons donors stop giving so you can retain your donors. 

Join this nonprofit webinar and learn, step by step, how to reach potential donors, get new donors, retain your existing donors, and take your fundraising to the next level!

During This Nonprofit Webinar on How to Connect With Donors, You Will Learn:

  • The importance of Donor Cultivation and Stewardship in your fundraising process
  • How donor cultivation and stewardship can help your organization build lifelong relationships with donors. 
  • How to gain an understanding and be able to apply tips for successful cultivation and stewardship
  • How to engage your board in cultivation
  • Best practices in donor stewardship and cultivation with helpful examples of how other organizations recognize donors and their contributions beyond the simple, but mandatory, "Thank You." 

 This Nonprofit Webinar Is Perfect For You If:

  • You are a  beginner or intermediate with a role in fundraising.
  • You feel like what I am doing is not working so change is needed.
  • You are wearing multiple hats, putting out fires, and don’t have time to work on fundraising and building relationships. 
  • You want to know how to get board members involved in fundraising. 
  • It’s just me and I don’t know where to start.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. 5 X 5 Cultivation Plan Template
  2. Stewardship  & Communication Plan Template
  3. Sample Stewardship Calendar
  4. Donor Cultivation Discovery Questions
  5. Say Thank You 26 Clever & Easy Ways to Say Thank You to Donors Ebook
  6. The Webinar Slides 
  7. The Webinar Recording 

About Your Topic Expert:

Sabrina is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. She used the techniques that she will share to increase her annual operating budget from $750K to $2.5M over 8 years in the 3rd poorest county in the U.S. 
  2. She successfully took her organization's individual giving budget from $0 to $80k.
  3. She grew her board from 12 to 21 active community leaders with 100% board giving.
  4. She is actively working with organizations in the individual giving area to transform their fundraising approach. 

Sabrina Walker Hernandez has over 25 years of nonprofit experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership.  She understands what it’s like to work in a small organization and to wear multiple hats.

Sabrina is the President and CEO of Supporting World Hope, a nonprofit consultancy focused on helping small nonprofits' Boards and Staff build relationships that convert into more donations.

Sabrina increased her operation revenue from $750K to $2.5M over 8 years, completed a $12M comprehensive capital campaign, established a $500K endowment, and had a 180-day operating reserve in the 3rd poorest county in the United States.

Sabrina is certified in Nonprofit Management by Harvard Business School and is a certified Master training by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

She is an active community leader and volunteer in Edinburg, Texas where she is based.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar for Nonprofit Professionals:

“Very insightful and a good reminder that fund raising is everyone's responsibility. Many good ideas.”

Ruth Ann Petroff, Leading Families Home

“This was a fantastic webinar led by a seasoned professional about the tried-and-true aspects of what will help cultivate new donors and retain and reinforce existing donors to keep giving.”

Ossana Hermasillo, Meals On Wheels

“The webinar was engaging, easy to understand, and provided actionable items that nonprofit professionals can quickly implement. The supporting materials are great resources!”

Benjamin Hansford, Gettysburg Foundation

“Sabrina was incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and enthusiastic about fundraising! She offered a variety of tips and experience to support our various goals and strategies.”

Erin Donnelly, Let’s Talk Science

“Sabrina was fun, engaging, and knowledgeable and I came away with several ways that we can improve our individual giving program.”

Brad Nahill, SEE Turtles

“Speaker was very knowledgeable and provided key takeaways  that can be implemented immediately.”

Fred Richards, Operation New Hope

“Sabrina has great energy and is very engaging. She conveyed the information in a friendly but urgent way, as if it was her personal mission for everyone on the webinar to succeed.”

Linda White, Germantown Friends School

“Great information and useful/practical tips!”

Madasia Hicks,  FAIR Girls

“The webinar simplified the process of stewardship, and broke it down into small steps.   These tasks often feel daunting and unattainable.”

Michelle Runge, Barrie Food Bank

If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides and Bonus Materials.

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