Nonprofit Video Storytelling: How to Get Started Creating and Using Smartphone Video to Engage Supporters (Recording)

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    Nikki Bell
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Nonprofit Video Storytelling: How to Get Started Creating and Using Smartphone Video to Engage Supporters (Recording)

Nonprofit Video Storytelling: How to Get Started Creating and Using Smartphone Video to Engage Supporters

Award-winning fundraiser and Social CEOs winner, Nikki Bell, will share her proven methods for nonprofit video storytelling, capturing and sharing self-shot, smartphone videos in fundraising relationships to raise more money.

By 2020 over 80% of online shareable content will be video, is your organization ready? Thanks to today’s technology it doesn’t cost a lot to keep up with evolving trends, and with the right tools, everyone from your fundraiser to your CEO can become a communication pro, sharing great videos that tell your nonprofit's story well, and we'll show you how!

In this nonprofit webinar recording, Nikki will share replicable, low-cost & low-effort ways that you can become a nonprofit video storytelling pro. With existing video examples and easy steps about how to edit, you'll be inspired to make your own!

What You Will Learn from this Recorded Nonprofit Webinar:

  • How to get started with making your own fundraising videos for great nonprofit storytelling
  • How to use self-shot nonprofit video storytelling within your fundraising for a big impact
  • How to record great video with low budget & low effort
  • How to edit self-shot smartphone video and get a professional look for minimal bucks
  • How to make your smartphone video accessible to a wider audience
  • How to keep the momentum going and get your team onboard
  • How to safely capture, store and distribute your self-shot videos online

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Hardware recommendations; the essentials for smartphone video recording
  2. Adaptable image release form
  3. A short guide to using smartphone video to strengthen fundraising relationships
  4. Links to charity fundraising smartphone video examples from worldwide charities
  5. Recorded tutorial on how to edit self-shot film
  6. The webinar Slides

About Your Topic Expert:

Nikki is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because she:

  1. Has over 8 years in the third sector; individual giving, face-to-face, telephone, corporate, community 
  2. Has led large, multi-£1m teams and income streams 
  3. Is a national and international speaker on fundraising excellence, including donor communications 
  4. Is a Highly-sought community fundraising expert 

Nikki Bell MinstF (Cert) is an award-winning relationship fundraiser, #SocialCEO Rising Star winner, and international speaker. Nikki has used and taught self-shot video techniques to hundreds of fundraisers and charity teams across the UK and Europe; resulting in multiple five-figure partnerships, supporter recruitment, and increased engagement.

With a certificate in fundraising and over eight years’ experience in the charity sector, Nikki has worked with community, individual giving, telephone, F2F and corporate fundraising teams for charities large and small; responsible for growing and leading fundraisers, developing strategies and raising money through innovation and strong relationships. Having recently worked with the British Heart Foundation, leading fundraising for the North East of England and managing the charity's 2018 brand refresh, Nikki now works as a consultant and trainer with KEDA Consulting.

With a passion for supporting and celebrating brilliant fundraising, Nikki sits on the Institute of Fundraising’s National Fundraising Convention board, as well as organizing the North East of England Fundraising Conference.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“I have wanted to use my smartphone for videos and had no idea how to edit the clips I have. Thanks for the very specific information on editing software and suggestions on the focus questions.”

Cynthia Staley, Golden Crescent Habitat For Humanity

“This webinar helped me get a comprehensive view on how to start using video for my non-profit. Nikki walked us through set-up, tech, stories, ideas, editing and channels. It is packed with great ideas.”

John Boudreau, Bronx Children's Museum

“I've been trying to learn about working with video for some time. Before this webinar, I had some rudimentary knowledge, but I feel much more confident now! Thanks for sharing some great tips and options for creating great videos!”

John Cummings, Mental Health Recovery Board

“I have enjoyed many of the free webinars CharityHowTo has provided and have been on the fence in becoming a CharityHowTo member. But after today's live webinar, I'm excited to go make videos for my nonprofit clients. That's right... I'm sold!”

Diane Ehlert, Elev8 Your Cause  

“A quick and great way to learn the power of video in fundraising and the reasons why you should add the tool to your work!”

Heather Chester, Urban School

“I left the webinar feeling inspired to create more videos for our program.  My biggest takeaway was that it has to blend in with other videos on social media, so it actually shouldn't necessarily be over-produced by a professional.”

Brian Wolff, Kids in a New Groove

“Videos are so impactful to Non-profits.  This webinar taught me how to use video with the equipment I already have and how to further my impact with my brand and community!”

Elizabeth Myscofski, Rapid City Catholic School System

“Nikki was super engaging and spent just enough time on each topic to keep me interested and to give the most value. I learned so much!"

Caitlyn Malik, The Shadow Project

“I absolutely loved this presentation and learned so much in such a short amount of time. Nikki, the presenter was excellent and I loved how she shared samples and demonstrated an editing screen during the presentation.”

Pamela Graves, Chicago Community Loan Fund

“The webinar was packed with practical how-to tips and as well as big-picture rationales to get the whole team on board. Loved the sample videos and supplemental resources.”

Carolyn Meyers, Choices Pregnancy Center

“Nikki was a very engaging speaker and covered so much information. The examples that she played were particularly useful.”

An-Chian Kao, Winchester Community Music School 

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