Free Webinar: The Future of Digital Annual Reports for Nonprofits (Recording)

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    Josh Kligman
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Free Webinar: The Future of Digital Annual Reports for Nonprofits (Recording)

Join us to learn how nonprofits are moving from PDFs, print and flip books to telling stories of impact using web-based reports! This recorded webinar will show nonprofit examples of annual reports and impact reports, plus tips and tricks to engage your donors, with simple elements that any marketing, communications, and fundraising professional can create.

By the end of this FREE webinar recording, you will know how to capture a donor's attention longer using reports, and you'll learn the tools you need to do it.

During This Free Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn: 

  • What makes a great annual report
  • What is a true "digital" annual report and what are its advantages?
  • How to build a great digital annual report
  • How to promote your annual report to your donors and supporters

About Your Topic Expert:

Josh Kligman has 22 years marketing experience and 10 years of nonprofit experience creating and marketing reports. With 2,000+ users on the Yearly platform Josh has consulting with nonprofit customers from most industries on digital annual and impact reports.

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