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New! How To Get Your Board To Do What You Need Them To Do - And Do It With Passion!

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Author: Ayda Sanver, CFRE
Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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Live Webinar Description

 If You're Unable to Attend the Live Webinar You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides, and Bonus Materials

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Are your board members just “going through the motions” when attending board meetings? Has attendance to meetings by some members dropped off? Are you frustrated with their lack of involvement in meetings or their desire to do the much needed work of finding prospects and spread the word about the good work of your nonprofit to the community?

During this webinar, we will show you how to turn a group of unenthusiastic board members into your organization’s finest ambassadors who are passionate about your mission and who will want to take the organization to the next level.

Board members signed on to be on your board for a reason – we will show you that even the shyest or most disengaged board member can become a “board superhero” with the right training. Often, board members join a nonprofit board without being provided tools for success and nonprofit staff people expect them to be “mind readers” and just “do what they are supposed to do!” Well, it doesn’t really work that way.

Your presenter, Ayda Sanver, MBA, CFRE has served on many boards and has also trained countless board members for greater effectiveness. She brings 25 years of experience as a volunteer, a corporate executive, and then later a nonprofit fundraising consultant and will share her unique methods with you during this webinar.

What you will learn during this live interactive nonprofit webinar:

  • Step 1: How to Turn Your Board Members Into “Ambassadors”

    • How to make board members feel confident with their “elevator speech” about your organization

    • How to create a short “role-playing” activity so they become ambassadors for your nonprofit and feel comfortable doing it

    • How to create “business cards” for board members and why this is effective

    • How to get board members to tour your programs

    • How to encourage board members to find speaking opportunities

  • Step 2: How to Make Board Members Feel Passionate About Your Mission And Make Meetings Fun and Interesting Again

    • How to include program staff in your meetings as “storytellers”

    • How to add “mission moments” to the beginning of each meeting

    • How to encourage board members to get to know each other and find interests and connections in common

  • Step 3: How to Give Board Members Tasks They Want To Perform

    • How to get to know your board members one-on-one

    • How to match board member skills and desires to tasks they will want to perform for you

    • How to keep board members accountable for their “task lists”

    • How to praise and encourage board members with continuous feedback


You’ll Get These Bonus Materials

  1. An Elevator Speech Writing Template

  2. A Board Member Questionnaire

  3. The Webinar Recording and Slides

What Attendees Said about This Webinar:

“This webinar was very informative and incredibly timely. We have been struggling with board member engagement and looking for ways to increase their participation in sustaining and growing our organization. The speaker was very knowledgeable and gave plenty of good advice on how to accomplish our goals.”
Rodney Beadle, Taliesin Preservation Inc.

“Excellent perspective on how to get board members more engaged.”
Bob Frady

“This energized me to implement a few things and reminded me of how important some of the strategies that I use can be.”

Laura Henry, Chinquapin Prep

About Your Presenter:

Ayda Sanver, MBA, CFRE is a fundraising and nonprofit consultant, author, trainer, and blogger. She is the President of Ayda Sanver Consulting, LLC, a consultancy that helps small to mid-size nonprofits strengthen their boards of directors, as well as improve their fundraising strategies, storytelling, marketing, and donor management.  Ayda also has expertise in evaluating and writing content for nonprofit web sites, brochures, annual reports and email communications to donors for success in soliciting individual and corporate gifts.

With 20 years of experience as a development officer, nonprofit board member, corporate financial analyst and university instructor, she brings a unique perspective to working with nonprofit boards. Ayda holds an MBA in Finance from The American University and is a member of AFP-DC.

If You're Unable to Attend the Live Webinar You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides, and Bonus Materials


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