How to Write an Awesome Annual Report With Gratitude and Impact

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    Denisa Casement
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Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 at 3:00 PM EST
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Too often, we publish annual reports that are too long and too full of data people don’t want or need. An awesome Annual Report focuses on the heart of the mission showing how giving impacts the people and communities you serve.  Donors, volunteers, grant makers, and other key stakeholders want to know the results of your work. They want to know their investments make meaningful change in real people’s lives. During this webinar, Denisa will show you how to craft an annual report that will inspire and engage your donors.

During This Nonprofit Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Annual Report:  Basic Elements
  • How to Organize Your Project Team & Timeline
  • How to Engage Your Audience:  Storytelling and Gratitude
  • Using Design Basics to Engage Readers
  • How to Use Infographics for Impact
  • Creating a Meaningful Call to Action
  • Publication Options:  Print and Online

This Webinar is Perfect for You, If…

  • You’re tired of writing a 15 page+ annual report every year.
  •  Your donors don’t read your annual report.
  •  You need to make your annual report more appealing to current and potential donors.
  •  You want an update on best practices for a donor-centered annual report.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Sample Annual Reports in multiple formats
  2. Annual Report:  Essential Elements
  3. Annual Report: Do's & Don'ts Checklist
  4. Annual Report Online Resources
  5. Webinar recording and slides

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Denisa made it sound like putting together an annual report would be so easy while really emphasizing what are the challenges.   We're a small organization who has never done an annual report so this was very helpful.” 

Kathy Becklin, Grow Some Good

“The presentation was well organized and presented. A lot of information was presented in an engaging manner. I especially appreciate the resources provided for when I have to do this myself!”

Janice Scheurer, Webster Groves Presbyterian Church

“The presenter was really engaging. She kept the energy up to the point where the 90-minutes felt like 5 minutes!”

Katy Hansen, Animal Care Center of NYC

“Thank you for providing so many great ideas and showing good example materials! The webinar was wonderful, engaging and informative from start to finish.”

Renee Durham, Homewood Children’s Village

“Inspiring ideas that we can effectively execute with a combination of in house resources and our small nonprofit budget.”

Laura Wheless, The Hope and Healing Center & Institute

“This nonprofit webinar offered practical advice and was inspiring. I got some great ideas about interviews, stories, and designs while listening.”

Elaine Berkopec, Ursuline Academy of Cleveland

“I loved the use of examples as well as the presenters energy!“

Ansley StPierre, AgriSafe Network, Inc

“Very helpful and informative webinar. Great examples and resources to refer when creating our annual report. The major takeaway is that less is more. Storytelling and pictures are important.”

Jessica Myers, United Way of Defiance County

"This nonprofit webinar had a treasure trove of techniques and best practices that can be used right away. Denisa has an engaging and lovely presentation style."

Nancy Lee, Interise

"Denisa's presentation has helped me to understand how our complex organization can highlight the many programs we offer and really tell the story of how we accomplish our mission with the help of our community partners and donors!"

Eaddy II Curtis, The Southwest Partnership

"For someone who is totally new to annual reports, this was a great resource for me and my team on how to approach this task. I had very little knowledge of what an annual report was and now feel like I know how to tackle this task with confidence."

Erin Hawkins, Olympic Peninsula YMCA

“As the writer of our AR, this was all very practical information I can use immediately.”

Maradith Mazza, Kings County Tennis League

“Very informative webinar to get us excited about doing our annual report!”

Heather Sellgren, The Children's Museum of Wilmington

"Great tips for making the creation of an annual report more streamlined and easier to handle in-house."

Mindy Riesenberg, Grand Canyon Conservancy

"As a new CDO, I was worried about the annual report.  It seems so overwhelming. But I appreciated the way the presenter broke it down into manageable sections and provided examples.  Definitely brought my stress level down!"

Karen Duffy, EveryMind

“Lots of information followed with examples that clearly demonstrated what the presenter was trying to convey.  This complemented with very useful resources was great in providing the necessary tools to launch building our annual report ourselves.  Thank you!”

Gianina Martynn, Plumas Corporation

“This webinar was filled with fantastic examples and simple but effective checklists that are helpful for anyone, but especially those who are new to creating an annual report.”

Linda Heartlein, New England Aquarium

“Webinar was upbeat and engaging with great samples, visuals and "latest trend" recommendations which were very helpful.”

Pam Mola, The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut

“Actually fundamentally changed the way I am going to approach formatting my Impact Report to make it more visually appealing and less text heavy.”

Michael Taylor, Financial Women’s Association

“Many thanks for the powerful webinar on Annual Reports. The examples brought key concepts to life, and I appreciate gaining access to free tools. I gained knowledge and insight that I can put to work right away to create an annual report that will better engage key stakeholders.”

Shelley Nelson

“Great ideas and guidelines for creating an annual report!”

Kerry Celestini, Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity

“Insightful, impactful and worth the investment”

Roxanne Ward, WBDC

“This Webinar was very helpful.  Having come from an organization that produced annual reports the "old" and boring way, this gave me new and fresh ideas for producing the very first annual report for my new organization.”

Bonnie Nieves, The New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival

“Great to see examples of the trends that are working in actual annual reports.”

Kyle English, Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH

“I so appreciated the step-by-step suggestions of what to include in an annual report and the examples that were shared! I am constantly collecting annual reports from other organizations that I think are fantastic, but looking at them hasn't always inspired me -- they don't always feel like something I could replicate with our budget/in-house skills, etc. After this webinar, I am looking at my file of examples differently and feel much more confident that I can pull elements together to make a great report.”

Greta Hagen, Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry

About Your Topic Expert:

Presented by International Nonprofit Consultant and Coach Denisa Casement, CFRE. Denisa has 21 years experience in nonprofit leadership, strategy, multi-channel marketing, and donor-centered communications to drive retention and growth. She is founder and CEO of The Casement Group, an international team of experts focused on helping nonprofits grow sustainable fundraising with donor-centered communications, superior donor care and measuring what matters.

Denisa and her team take pride in their reputation for practical, real-world implementation driven by their years of “boots on the ground” experience. Denisa is an international presenter and experienced trainer. Her teaching ranges from the Fundraising Certificate in Ireland to direct marketing boot camps, masterclasses, and webinars. She has led donor-centered fundraising programs and teams across 7 countries, most recently managing an international team across four continents, from her home base in Tucson, Arizona.

If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides, and Bonus Materials.

Upcoming Live Webinars 1

Webinar Date Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
at 3:00 PM EST 3:00 PM (Local/EST)
Almost Sold Out!
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