How to Transform Your Annual Report with Infographics - A Step-by-Step Guide (Recording)

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    Nikki Bell
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How to Transform Your Annual Report with Infographics - A Step-by-Step Guide (Recording)

Goodbye bland, multi-page annual reports; Hello beautiful infographics your donors will love to read over and over again!

Your charity achieves amazing things thanks to the support of donors; you need to show them that difference they’ve made.  But so many charities revert to the ‘what’ and ‘who’, packing pages upon pages with ineffective data and information that doesn’t connect or inspire.

View this nonprofit webinar to learn how to create engaging and impactful annual report infographics which will delight, inform and inspire the supporters who give to or want to learn more about your organization.

What You Will Learn from this Recorded Nonprofit Webinar

  • How to understand the impact of using infographics
  • How to source the best online tool to create infographics
  • How to select the right data and information for your infographic
  • How to use the most effective layout for your infographic to improve readability
  • How to use numbers in infographics
  • How to use an infographic across communication channels

This Nonprofit Webinar Recording is Perfect for You, If…

  • You want to make creating your nonprofit annual report easier, faster, and a more enjoyable experience for you
  • You want your donors to engage with your annual reports
  • You’ve noticed the trend away from written annual reports to digital ones
  • You’ve seen infographic updates and want to learn more
  • You are ready to transition your nonprofit annual report to an infographic.
  • You want to create more visually compelling ways to engage with existing and potential supporters

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Examples of annual report infographics from nonprofits
  2. Up to date ‘Power Words’
  3. Colour guide for marketing; what colours evoke what response and what’s right for you
  4. Slides​

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar: 

“The webinar was very insightful and full of useful information.  We could really use an upgrade to our annual report.”

Monica McGill, Excell Academy

“I love how authentic she is, I got such useful info on creating a great infographic for our digital annual report I'm so excited to create it! LOVED her Canva tutorial too, WOW!”

Amanda Dellinger, SquareOne Villages

“I've been making infographics from scratch for the last several years. Nikki presented some very valuable tools that will help me streamline this process and save me a ton of time in the future. She also shared ways to use the same graphic across multiple platforms. Overall, it was totally worth the time and money!”

Keri Boyce, Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County

“I'm not a graphic artist, but these "how-to" tips will ensure that I can create a visually appealing annual report!”

Scott Walters, Mobility Worldwide

“This was an excellence use of my 90 minutes. Presenter was engaging and very well prepared. I appreciate that in addition to teaching ways to use infographics to increase donor engagement, she also gave us a list of free resources and great examples so we could create our own infographics. Well worth my time and money for what I learned today.”

Nancy Mcullar, Casa of Berks Count

“I enjoyed listening to the presenter who was very knowledgeable. In addition, I liked how this webinar gave real-life examples of other charities who are utilizing infographics in an engaging and effective way. Also, I liked when the presenter showed us quickly how to use Canva.” 

Liliane Gomes, Nicholas Center

“Nikki delivered actionable information on how to create effective Annual Report infographics, including both what to include (and not), how to present it, and tools that will make it easier to accomplish.”

Thomas Robinson, AIDS Foundation Houston

“I found the information helpful - especially the addition of resources that I can use to supplement my projects.”

Pam Fultz, Sidney-Shelby County YMCA

“Great webinar! Very engaging, clear information, and awesome resources provided. Thank you!”

Rachel Ablack, Ancient Forest Alliance

About Your Topic Expert

Nikki Bell MinstF (Cert) is an award-winning relationship fundraiser, #SocialCEO Rising Star, and international speaker.

With a certificate in fundraising and over eight years’ experience in the charity sector, Nikki has worked with community, individual giving, telephone, F2F and corporate fundraising teams for charities large and small; responsible for growing and leading fundraisers, developing strategies, and raising money through innovation and strong relationships. Having recently worked with the British Heart Foundation, leading fundraising for the North East of England and managing the charity's 2018 brand refresh, Nikki now works as a consultant, trainer and mentor with KEDA Consulting.

With a passion for supporting and celebrating brilliant fundraising, Nikki sits on the Institute of Fundraising’s National Fundraising Convention board, as well as organising the North East of England Fundraising Conference.  She also blogs at and tweets at @CharityNikki.

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