How To Cultivate New Donors With Chatbots: Free & Easy-To-Use Apps For Fundraising (Recording)

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    Brian Frankel
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How To Cultivate New Donors With Chatbots: Free & Easy-To-Use Apps For Fundraising (Recording)

Donors today want immediate responses to their inquiries, the convenience of one-click donations, gratitude for their donation and confidence their donation is being used for the purpose they gave it. Even slight friction or delay can cause donations to be postponed or spent elsewhere. 

In this nonprofit webinar recording, you will learn how to setup and automate digital donor communications that respond to these donor needs. 

You will learn the basics of how to configure an “interactive chat-bot” on your website and Facebook page with a workflow that answers your donors' frequently asked questions, shortens the cultivation cycle and solicits donations with an easy response. You will also learn how to create a workflow for automated text message campaigns and Facebook Messenger Ad Campaigns to move donors to their next gift.

During This Nonprofit Recorded Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How to focus the chatbot on specific fundraising objectives
  • How to match your workflow with donor desires and intent
  • How to draw a chatbot funnel for different channels
  • How to create a chatbot flow on your website and Facebook page to cultivate new prospects
  • How to create a chatbot flow with Facebook and SMS to steward lapsed donors.
  • How to create a chatbot workflow for peer-to-peer Facebook Birthday Donations
  • How to create a chatbot workflow for new donor gratitude and personalize notifications that their donation is being used for the purpose which they gave it
  • How to create a workflow for virtual events 
  • How to optimize your chatbot flow with best practices
  • How to measure the costs and results of your chatbot workflows

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Conversation Tree Map
  2. Funnel Map
  3. Chatbot Checklist 
  4. The Webinar Slides 
  5. The Webinar Recording 

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar: 

“CharityHowTo has some awesome options when it comes to webinars. This one regarding the utilization of Chatbots opened up so many doors that I had considered closed before. The presenter knew his topic, and the resources provided in the library are always a fantastic bonus!”

Lorien Pace, Tennessee Big

“I had no idea what Chatbot was when I registered for the webinar, but Brian was fantastic explaining how to get started and all the varied options there are in using it to benefit your organization.”

Bonnie Hollabaugh, World Methodist Evangelism

About Your Topic Expert:

Brian Frankel is a multinational organizational development consultant who works with senior management on strategies to generate revenue, automate marketing, tackle process challenges and train teams. 

His global client roster includes Coca Cola, MySpace, Creative Artists Agency, Spin Media and Bahrain Development Bank, as well as management consulting firms, family offices, and celebrities. Recent speaking assignments include South By Southwest, Valley Nonprofit Resources, American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi, Dubai Business Women’s Council, TiE Bangalore and MCN Morocco. 

He is an instructor at California State University, Northridge and his writing on marketing strategy has been published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and C-Suite Quarterly. In 2015 Frankel created the Mentor Matchmaker Foundation (MMF) which helps survivors of sex trafficking develop employment skills and career plans by matching them with career mentors who are successful women in the business world.

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