How to Meet and Exceed Major Donor Targets with the Right Donor Planning Tools and Tactics (Recording)

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How to Meet and Exceed Major Donor Targets with the Right Donor Planning Tools and Tactics (Recording)
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As a self-confessed, previously ‘mediocre’ fundraiser, presenter Michelle Stein felt frustrated with the average and reactive major donor program she led at an international development charity. However, once she uncovered the right planning tools and tactics, she saw extraordinary results: doubling income in a year, bringing in a million pound gift, and building a robust prospect pipeline. She now wants to show you how to have the same success with your major donor program!

If you would like your major gift fundraising to meet and exceed targets, then join Michelle where, step by step, she will share the most important planning tools to get you the results you want. You’ll learn how to plan and create gift tables, event calendars and stewardship levels as well as practical communication tactics to build trust and connection with donors.

These tools, which cover each stage of the major donor cycle, are easily replicable, suitable for small, medium and large organizations and amazingly, cost nothing to implement.  

What You Will Learn from this Recorded Nonprofit Webinar

  • Step 1: How to strategically plan a prospect list and gift table: starting from a blank template we’ll build a gift table and identify how many prospects are needed to reach income targets.  
  • Step 2: How to make your website major donor friendly - what to include to ensure major donors and wealth advisors know you can handle big gifts.   
  • Step 3: How to create an events calendar with KPIs (key performance indicators) which align with your income target.
  • Step 4: How to build rapport quickly with donors using insight questions, language mirroring and body and voice matching.
  • Step 5: How to plan consistent stewardship at different donor levels.  

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. A gift table template with prospect tabs so you can build your own
  2. An events calendar planner template
  3. A donor question template divided into question themes   
  4. Stewardship tiers template which you can customise
  5. Your webinar slides

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Michelle shared a treasure trove of strategies and step-by-step resources to build and assess a major donor strategy. Looking forward to putting what I learned to good use!”

Beth Grafman, The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled

"I very much appreciated the practical fundraising tools, in particular, the gift table, that I could bring back to my organization to use."
Sang Yup Lee, Public Interest Law Initiative

“Engaging and knowledgeable speaker.  Good tips on building a functional gift table!”

Carleigh Elkus, Colorado Children´s Campaign

“Can’t wait to dive into the supplemental materials.”

Sheila Greaver, Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch

“Very organized methodology with an equal blend of relationship building.  Nice approach.”

Ellen McCarty, Playworks

“It was great for teaching organization skills and prospect moves management to beginners and offer new ideas for ways to organize prospect/donor moves management to seasoned fundraisers.”

Alyson Warner, Community Foundation of Broward

“loved the gift table tool and instructions on how to best use/utilize it to increase development and funding.  thank you. ( i hope to have time to implement/use/manage it but do not have staff dedicated to development/fundraising.)

Dellann Elliott, End Brain Cancer

“With the definition of major gift different for the participants, Michelle was able to cover basic information to more advanced information in the webcast. At the end of the session the incentive to move up was great food for thought.  Thank you.”

Lynn McCarthy, Marlborough School

About Your Topic Expert

Michelle Stein, founder of Handmade Fundraising, is a fundraising consultant who specializes in relationship fundraising.

She has worked in charities spanning faith, international development and arts and heritage, most recently at the British Museum where she worked with some of the biggest philanthropic families in the UK.

She has trained fundraisers in the UK, Europe, Australia and South Africa and knows from first hand experience that with the right training, any fundraiser can go from mediocre to extraordinary!

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