How To Connect, Engage And Expand Your Donor Pool With LinkedIn: A Step By Step Guide (Recording)

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How To Connect, Engage And Expand Your Donor Pool With LinkedIn: A Step By Step Guide (Recording)

How To Connect, Engage And Expand Your Donor Pool With LinkedIn: A Step By Step Guide 

During this LinkedIn for nonprofits webinar recording, we will walk you step-by-step through actionable ways to improve your LinkedIn personal and nonprofit profile page.  Then we’ll review how to use LinkedIn to discover and connect with and engage your community. We'll show you how to use LinkedIn events to promote your online or face-to-face workshops or fundraisers and how to create the best types of LinkedIn posts that increase awareness and build an engaged following of supporters and fans.  More importantly, we will show you how to build relationships with sponsors and institutions.

You will leave with lots of ideas and tactical action steps for using LinkedIn to expand your donor pool in your next online fundraising campaign. This is THE social media for nonprofits raining you need!

During This Nonprofit eLearning Webinar Recording You Will Learn:

About LinkedIn and Why LinkedIn should be part of social media marketing for nonprofits plans?

  • STEP 1:
    • How to create a personal LinkedIn profile that will stop supporters in their tracks.
    • How to find supporters who already love your cause.
    • How to engage your donor network.
  • STEP 2:
    • How to elevate awareness of your nonprofit with a branded LinkedIn Page.
    • Review successful examples of small and medium-size nonprofits who use LinkedIn.
    • How to define your page strategy objectives.
  • STEP 3:
    • How to stay top of mind with your supporters and share stories that will inspire and delight your donors.
    • How to create posts that maximize organic reach. 
      • How to incorporate video.
      • How to create "document" posts.
      • How to use hashtags on LinkedIn.
    • How to create LinkedIn Events.
    • Posting Best Practices.
  • STEP 4:
    • How to use LinkedIn to build fundraising relationships.
      • Smarter outreach
      • Create new connections
      • Build personalized connections
      • Leverage board relationships

If you think of LinkedIn solely as a recruiting platform and never considered the value of networking and utilizing the platform to capture corporate sponsors, then your nonprofit is missing out!  

There are many ways nonprofits can utilize LinkedIn. First, LinkedIn provides both marketing and networking opportunities. Second, nonprofits can find corporate sponsors, attract major donors, share knowledge, and even recruit.  However, the first step is to build out your personal profile which is the initial place to start generating awareness for your organization. In fact, if you don’t already have a personal profile created, it’ll be highly beneficial to get started prior to this seminar.

The second step is to get your organization's employees, volunteers, and board members on LinkedIn. As they build their networks, you can unlock relationships that will lead to secure funding for your organization.

Join your presenter, Angela Pitter, a Digital Marketing Strategist who has personally assisted numerous small and medium-size nonprofits with their fundraising campaigns using LinkedIn. Angela always says, "your network = your net worth," and with this session, you will learn how to put your network to work on your fundraising efforts using LinkedIn!

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. LinkedIn Profile Checklist
  2. Video Equipment Checklist
  3. Time-saving free and low-cost tools to create and automate your LinkedIn content 
  4. The Webinar Slides 
  5. The Webinar Recording 

About Your Topic Expert:

Angela is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. Over 8 years of experience working with nonprofits
  2. She has taught hundreds of volunteers and board members on how to effectively use LinkedIn to expand their donor pool
  3. Her widely acclaimed LinkedIn Checklist has over 11,000 views
  4. Her online LinkedIn Challenges has over 500 views 

Angela is the Founder and CEO of LiveWire Collaborative, a digital marketing consultancy. LiveWire Collaborative helps nonprofits and board members to tap into digital marketing solutions that unleash their brand's full potential. Over the years, they've worked with a variety of nonprofits from the Urban Farming Institute of Boston (UFI), Preservation of Affordable Housing(POAH), to the West Suburban YMCA.  Their role is to help organizations and institutions like yourself to work smarter, not harder. 

In addition to building comprehensive solutions that expand and strengthen community engagements, they work on numerous major events and fundraising campaigns, including GivingTuesday. Additionally, Angela's trained intact boards on how to become social ambassadors as well as several thousand professionals on hot topics such as "How to" Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and "Unleashing Your SuperPowers with Video."

Angela is a highly sought-after speaker who was recently featured on Chronicle's WCVB TV social media segment. She has spoken at the NonProfit Social Media Summit, Massachusetts Conference for Women, CWE Women's Business Leaders Conference, and General Assembly, to name a few. She's been invited to guest lecture at Babson, Bentley, UMass Boston, among other universities. Follow her on Twitter: @angelapitter

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“This webinar was a very comprehensive look at how to use all of LinkedIn's features, from setting up all aspects to your personal profile, your organization's page, and how to build a strong community.”

Melissa Gillis, the Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc

“Extremely informative webinar, came away with a big list of action items to improve our LinkedIn performance.”

Brad Nahill, See Turtles

“Fantastic webinar on getting the most from LinkedIn. Angela Pitter was an excellent presenter.”

Sheryl Lechner, Berkshire Immigrant Center

“I received very helpful information about including LinkedIn in our fundraising toolbox along with a multitude of downloadable resources. Thank you for helping us stay on top of the social media developments!”

Kristin Burch, Boys & Girls Country

This was an informative webinar.  I learned a number of things about LinkedIn that I was not aware of.  I appreciated the handouts in advance -- I will use them to improve my agency's Linked In engagement of our donors. 

Nancy McCullar, Casa of Berks County

“This was incredibly helpful in breaking down how to leverage LinkedIn to create more awareness about my organization, as well as how to expand our network and maximize our existing networks. I'm really excited to see how LinkedIn can help us leverage our board members' and volunteers' relationships.”

Alison Meisel, Fulfillment Fund

“This was a highly informative webinar with lots of great information and a fantastic presenter!”

Christopher Engelhardt, Independence Care System

“I had no idea LinkedIn could be used like this to boost our nonprofit's profile in the community. You will learn practical suggestions to implement right away. Once you create your LinkedIn infrastructure, making quality posts will take some time but the engagement you'll see will be worth it.”

Susan Mathew, Teen Lifeline

“It's hard to strike the right balance between amount of content vs. amount someone can absorb in any given amount of time. This webinar clearly leaned towards amount of content. for this topic [and for me personally] it was the right balance. I can get more information on everything covered, so covering more was great!”

Steven Alvarez, National Kidney Foundation Inc.

“Angela was a standout speaker! Very engaging , clear, actionable tasks were provided and you knew the WHY behind every task. Thank you!” 

Gabriella Trevino, Pathlight HOME

“Angela was terrific! Knowledgeable, personable, easygoing and easy to listen to. I would listen to this again; there was so much valuable information! I am grateful that the deck is being made available. I know I will refer to the PowerPoint notes multiple times going forward.”

Nancy Kohl, Duchesne High School

For being involved with a non-profit that has been around for over 30+ years, I feel more equipped to provide information as to how using LinkedIn would be beneficial to the employees, volunteers, and organization in whole, as opposed to just speculating how useful being involved with LinkedIn could be for my organization.  I also feel excited to take the tips provided and put them to use!

Jonelle Zachary, Healthy Visions

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