How Building Community With Your Donors will Revolutionize Your Fundraising (Recording)

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How Building Community With Your Donors will Revolutionize Your Fundraising (Recording)

Authentic Fundraising and Impactful Donor Engagement Strategies

Many nonprofit leaders express frustration with how much effort goes into fundraising, lamenting how it often detracts from the mission. But it doesn’t have to!

Join us for this 90-minute recorded webinar where we will show you how to build a mission-centered donor community that will revolutionize your fundraising–making your fundraising efforts more fruitful and your donor community more loyal. And you will learn how to do it in a way that allows fundraising to complement or even enhance your mission-based program work, rather than take time and effort away from it.

Through step-by-step guidance and on-the-spot ideating and coaching, you will leave understanding how to simplify your fundraising program so that it better aligns with your mission, raises more funds, inspires donor loyalty, and builds organizations faster.

During This Nonprofit Recorded Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • How to build a fundraising program that is mission-centered.
  • How to conduct a listening campaign in your community to better understand how to connect your community to your mission.
  • How to ditch “side” fundraising efforts (like galas, auctions, and races) and utilize your programmatic work to engage donors and raise funds.
  • How to create a thank you process that makes donor acknowledgments a breeze.
  • How to build authentic relationships and community with and between your donors to strengthen your fundraising efforts.
  • How to design and implement your donor community program.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Listening Campaign Checklist (to help you conduct your listening campaign quickly and easily)
  2. Mission-Aligned Donor Engagement Idea List
  3. Thank You & Gratitude Process Template
  4. Program Implementation Template
  5. The Webinar Slides
  6. The Webinar Recording

About Your Topic Expert:

Kelly is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. She grew an individual giving program for a niche, foreign policy advocacy organization from $300,000 in annual revenue to over $1 million in annual revenue in just four years using the methods she’ll teach in this webinar. 
  2. She has consistently grown organizations’ individual giving programs by 25-30% per year by building community with donors.
  3. She’s created a framework for relationship-based fundraising that works for every organization, but that is unique to every organization.
  4. She’s known in the industry for simplifying fundraising to prevent nonprofit leaders from burning out. 

Kelly McLaughlin has been fundraising since she was five years old, supporting her favorite nonprofits one bake sale at a time. In 2009, she got her first professional fundraising job, and has since built individual giving programs for nonprofits that achieve 25-30% growth year after year. Since 2020, Kelly has consulted with nonprofit organizations, and has developed a framework for helping nonprofits build individual giving programs based on authentic relationship building between donors and organizations that blow donor retention numbers out of the water (achieving 60-80% donor retention for her clients) while allowing fundraising efforts to be more supportive of and less separate from programmatic work. She’s an outside-the-box thinker and engaging speaker who regularly has attendees leaving her workshops with a full plan to improve their fundraising, feeling relieved and empowered. 

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Recorded Webinar:

“Really appreciated the actionable steps and examples Kelly provided to engage new and existing donors that are more community-centric.”

Kyle Lane, Building Changes

“This is webinar presented simple topics in an insightful way. Not "simple" as in unimportant, but "simple" as in base level engagement with our donors that we should all be doing, but often overlook.”

Brittany Curry, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

“This was a great way to zoom the lens out when looking at fundraising initiatives.  It's so hard to do that when you are constantly "in" the work.  The webinar put a lot of things into perspective.”

Veronica Chambers, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

“This webinar was extremely informational! I have already recommended the recording to colleagues.”

Dawn Mostiler, Ballet Hawaii

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