Fundraising for Introverts: Harnessing Your Power for What Matters (Recording)

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    Brian Saber
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Fundraising for Introverts: Harnessing Your Power for What Matters (Recording)

It’s time to break free from the biggest stereotype holding back the nonprofit world – that only extroverts can be successful fundraisers.

Join Brian Saber for this 90-minute recorded webinar to learn all the powerful attributes introverts bring to fundraising, not only in major and planned gifts but in special events and across all fundraising. At the end of the webinar recording, introverted fundraisers will be validated and empowered to use their tools, and managers of introverts will understand how to harness the power of everyone in their organization.

Additionally, Brian will cover board dynamics, the key roles introverted board members play, and how to ensure you’re fully engaging introverted board members. He will also share strategies for engaging introverted donors.

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to use your strengths as an introverted fundraiser to build important relationships
  • How introverts and special events can actually go together
  • How to work with other fundraisers to maximize your work
  • How to manage introverts to fully value what they bring to the table
  • How to empower introverted board members and build your strongest board 
  • How to identify, cultivate, and solicit introvert donors

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Anxiety/Excitement Worksheet
  2. 5 Ways to Better Engage with Introverted Donors
  3. 5 Ways Introverts Can Work Fundraising Events Successfully
  4. 5 Top Misconceptions About Introverted Fundraisers
  5. Finding Yours Words Exercise
  6. Making the Ask Exercise
  7. Sample Emails for Setting Up Cultivation Meetings
  8. An Intentional Conversation Worksheet
  9. The Webinar Slides
  10. The Webinar Recording

About Your Topic Expert:

Brian is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. He is the author of “Fundraising for Introverts” Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters” (due out September 18, 2023)
  2. He is the president of Asking Matters, home to the Asking Styles, which has developed a broad array of courses and products designed to address introverted fundraisers.
  3. He is an introverted fundraiser who has had a successful 38-year career in small and large institutions.

Presented By Brian Saber, president of Asking Matters.  Brian, a self-proclaimed introvert, has raised hundreds of millions of dollars by personally soliciting thousands of donors and working with the boards of directors of more than 100 organizations, coming to understand the art of the ask in a way that few people do.  Because of his remarkable experience in asking, Brian has been able to break down the process of asking to its fundamental components, making simple what for many seems daunting. He knows how to persist through his own anxieties, remembering again and again that his success as a fundraiser makes a corner of the world a better place.

Brian has worked in social service, education, and the arts, raising money for his alma mater, Brandeis University, Northwestern University Settlement, and The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, among others. He is currently a consultant to various organizations around the country and presents, trains, and writes on fundraising and the art of the ask. Recent clients include the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the U.S. Olympics Committee, the St. Louis Planned Giving Council, Volunteers of America, the Utah Society of Fund Raisers, and the Salvation Army National Resource Development Conference.

Brian is the author of four books, including “Fundraising for Introverts: Harnessing Our Power for What Matters.”

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Recorded Webinar for Nonprofit Professionals:

“This webinar was perfect for people who wonder how they can maximize their introversion to build successful relationships and raise funds effectively.  There were so many powerful insights.”

Craig Gallaer, Virginia Peninsula Foodbank

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