Ethical Storytelling for Fundraising Communications - How to Create Compelling Content without Exploitation: A Step by Step Guide (Recording)

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Ethical Storytelling for Fundraising Communications - How to Create Compelling Content without Exploitation: A Step by Step Guide (Recording)
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A Whopping 93% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

Join us for a hands-on nonprofit training where you will learn how to apply the principles of ethical storytelling to transform your fundraising communications. 

This tactical session will guide you step-by-step in gathering evidence from key stakeholders – including your story contributors and audience – to define ethical excellence in your nonprofit storytelling process. You will also learn strategies for securing buy-in from your team so that you can launch your new strategy with success.  

Ethical Storytelling is about more than the messages themselves - it’s about working in collaboration with your story contributors to truly understand how they want their stories told.  By the end of this 90-minute webinar recording you will walk away with a clear understanding of exploitation and ethics in fundraising communications and possess a plan of action - that you create! - fully customized to your mission and tailored to the size of your organization. This is a critical piece of your overall nonprofit communications training and your nonprofit communication plan!

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording You Will Learn:

  • How to assess exploitative elements in fundraising communications
  • How to properly engage empathy in your storytelling process
  • How to collect and apply feedback from your story contributors
  • How to conduct consent-based interviews  
  • How to collect and apply feedback from your audiences
  • How to identify your own strengths and limitations as a storyteller
  • How to engage your team in a collaborative process to define (and refine) shared principals
  • How to create actionable guidelines that honor your contributors and inform your storytelling process

Our presenter, Caliopy Glaros, has helped organizations in more than sixty countries around the world build storytelling processes that are contributor-led, donor-educating, and fund-mobilizing, all while instilling principles of ethical storytelling in their teams. 

Caliopy is specifically qualified to teach this recorded webinar because:

  1. She has consulted many organizations that support communities vulnerable to marketing exploitation such as children in orphanages, trauma survivors, and refugees.
  2. She has trained small grassroots nonprofits as well as large multinational NGOs on ethical storytelling. 
  3. She has been in your shoes - before becoming a consultant, she spent years as a front-line Development Officer where she was responsible for both mass market communications and major gifts. 
  4. She is a practitioner as well as a scholar, leveraging the best research in social psychology and anthropology to be immediately actionable and applicable to your nonprofit’s communications.

Do you struggle to portray your program participants as their own agents of change, while admitting that they also need your organization’s help? Do you worry about jeopardizing the dignity of the people in your stories for the sake of raising money? Do you find yourself debating ethical storytelling principles with colleagues who don’t see eye-to-eye?

You are not alone.

Despite the numerous resources and articles online, many organizations still struggle to communicate their impact in a way that authentically represents the issue and preserves the dignity of those affected by it. This session takes you from theory to practice, from confusion to clarity, and from conflict to collaboration.  

Storytelling never happens in a vacuum. To be successful in transforming your organization’s communications you need to be a change-agent yourself - bringing your entire team and stakeholders along - and that includes your audience and contributors! We’ll show you how to get feedback from them to inform your process and how to forge a collaborative path forward.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Sample Donor Feedback Questionnaire 
  2. Sample Contributor Feedback Questionnaire 
  3. Worksheet: How to Launch Your Ethical Storytelling Strategy
  4. Worksheet: How to Assess Your Current Storytelling Strategy
  5. Worksheet: How to Create an Ethical Storytelling Strategy
  6. Curated List of other Ethical Storytelling Resources
  7. The Webinar Slides 
  8. Recording Webinar 

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Caliopy is a wonderful example of what philanthropy professionals need to strive for. While it's important to inspire action in donors when telling the stories of our organization, to do so without human dignity goes against everything we're working for anyway. With her presentation, I feel like I will be able to share these stories without losing the humanity behind them.”

Krista Wieder

“This webinar was very well put together and really addressed the needs of ethical practices in the storytelling process. Caliopy was informed, easy to listen to/understand, and engaging. I am excited to take my knowledge back to my team!”

Ady Brady, Don Harrington Discovery Center

“I took a LOT of information away from this webinar, and was pleasantly surprised by how much of it could be put into direct action. Caliopy is an excellent presenter, and her knowledge on the topic is very broad. This was 100% worth the cost of the presentation, and I am very excited to examine our marketing material through the lens of what I learned today!”

Susan Boyle, Social Advocates for Youth

“This was exactly the crash course I needed on this topic. The presenter was very engaging and clear, and the presentation gave me a tangible, step-by-step guide on how to incorporate these changes at my organization.”


“This webinar was exactly what I was hoping for! Our organization has been struggling with creating compelling storytelling for some time now. The information provided has given us some direction on how we can enhance our storytelling capabilities.”

Danielle Oehlma

“Caliopy was a font of helpful information!  She provided helpful context for the topic as well as actionable steps I can take at my organization.  I would recommend this session to any marketer or fundraiser who is committed to ethical storytelling as a part of their practice!”

Helen Frank, Education Through Music, Inc.

“Caliopy shared so much valuable and incredibly timely knowledge for telling folks stories ethically. My organization works with children with disabilities and we are really looking to improve our storytelling. This webinar gave me a wealth of information to digest, talk with my team, and create new processes based on expert advice.”

Caitlyn Malik, The Shadow Project

“This was the best webinar I have ever been to in my career. I learned so much and left feeling energized and inspired to engage donors and constituents and implement positive changes in ensuring we are ethically telling stories at our organization.”

Rachel Ross, Health Equity International

“Our organization is rapidly trying to learn the art of ethical storytelling, and this webinar was jam-packed full of tips, information, and anecdotes to better understand this issue. Feel like I'm walking away with a long list of ways to improve starting today. This is worth the money, and I would happily attend another webinar on this topic by this presenter!”

Ashley See,Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

“I can't believe how much content you were able to pack into an hour-and-a-half webinar! I learned so much and the supplemental materials were outstanding. I already forwarded them to colleagues, and plan to implement many of the best practices right away.”

Alaina Yoakum, 10,000 Degrees

“This was a wonderful webinar! It covered a lot of information in a way that was easy to follow, understand, and apply. It's also so great to see this kind of advocacy for ethical fundraising, with strong data points and action steps to help organizations make the transition to more ethical processes. Thank you!”

Christina Jensen, Reading In Motion

“What thoughtful and comprehensive overview of how to build ethical storytelling practices into our work in big and small ways! Such a valuable session!”

Savanna Honerkamp-Smith, Eskolta School Research and Design, Inc

“Very informative and helpful for orgs who are looking to educate development staff on this topic and great step by step on how to build bridges between the actual program work to those who support the work.”

Katie Eichenauer, Believe in Dreams

“The content and presentation of this webinar were excellent. It provided me with concrete actions to immediately implement in my organization and a detailed guide on how to move forward with larger changes.”

Elena Larson, Impact Behavioral Health Partners

“The presenter made a complex topic easy to understand, and gave us the worksheets we could use after the Webinar to customize the training for our organization. I am the executive director of a small non-profit working with children of the incarcerated, and knowing how to tell our stories is key. This Webinar gave me tools to use going forward - with our staff, Our Kids, and our community.”

Laure Clemons, Extended Family

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