Direct Mail Is Not All About Writing - How to Successfully Organize and Execute Direct Mail Appeals (Recording)

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Direct Mail Is Not All About Writing - How to Successfully Organize and Execute Direct Mail Appeals (Recording)
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A Whopping 90% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

70% of the success of direct mail appeals does not come from writing!

Direct mail is still the workhorse for any successful fundraising nonprofit organization. In fact, it now drives more donors to your website than ever before! 

Problem: Nonprofits are leaving a lot of money on the table, because they don’t send their appeals at the right time to the right audience with the right approach. 

Solution: Join this nonprofit course to learn how to successfully plan for and execute appeals your donors will love, so you can raise more money to support your programs. 

** Note this webinar is not about "writing" direct mail appeals. Rather you will learn required, critical, and often overlooked elements that will make your nonprofit direct mail appeals successful. **

During This Nonprofit Training You Will Learn:

  • How to best segment your donors and prospects
  • How to design and produce appeals that fit your budget 
  • How to create the best ask amounts for your donors 
  • How to work with in-house resources as well as work with printers, mail houses, and others to get your appeals out the door 
  • How to measure results and return on investment 
  • How to create an overall direct mail plan for the year
  • How to match your thank you letter to fit your direct mail appeals
  • How to use email and social media to follow up your direct mail appeals, and more…  

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Results Tracker
  2. Donor Segmentation checklist 
  3. Appeal Review Cheat Sheet 
  4. And more… 
  5. The Webinar Recording & Slides

About Your Topic Expert: 

Erica is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because: 

  • She has more than 40 years of executing direct marketing with small, mid-size, and large organizations. 
  • She blogs and presents regularly on direct mail. 
  • She is an AFP Master Trainer and she is actively working with organizations on growing their direct marketing revenue to higher levels through coaching, consulting as well as hands-on execution. execution.

Erica  Waasdorp is President of A Direct Solution, located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Erica was trained in direct response at Readers' Digest.  She lives and breathes direct response and fundraising and can be considered a Philanthropyholic. 
She works with nonprofit clients all over the country, helping them with their direct mail (annual fund) campaigns and monthly giving. 
She is also the US Ambassador for the International Fundraising Congress (IFC), held in the Netherlands every October (
Erica Waasdorp published one of the very few books on monthly giving, called Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant. She co-authored the DonorPerfect Monthly Giving Starter and Marketing Kit and she regularly blogs and presents in person and via webinars on anything annual fund, direct mail and monthly giving. For more information, visit

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“This webinar was a great reminder of the little things we can do to make direct mail more effective and personal!”

Melanie Martin, St. Pius X High School

“Great presenter, loved the templates included as bonus materials.”

Christopher Martin, Knoxville Leadership Foundation

“A wealth of information about how, when, and why to send direct mail appeals.”

Ethan Myerson, Tucson Audubon Society

“This was a great refresher course for what to look for and how to format for success your DM.”

Robbi Woodson, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

“I came into this seminar not knowing where to start nor what to do. I now feel confident that I have the resources and a plan to get started.”

Deborah Cushing, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC

“Presenter is very experienced in all aspects of Direct Marketing. I had several big takeaways in this webinar: 1) spend more time thinking about segmenting 2) experiment with a monthly donation option. 2) interesting models of successful letters and envelopes that I will study further.”

Nina Rubin, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

“So much valuable and time tested Information that is doable immediate;y. Inspiring. Leaving with a confident attitude.”

Jane Heald, Heartland Sings

"The webinar was very helpful! The presenter gave specific, actionable tips that covered all aspects of direct mail."

Sara Bazant, Orangewood Foundation™ 

“Erica covered exactly what she had said. Provided ways that even smaller nonprofits could adapt to her ideas.”

Mary Huss, IJPC

“I am new to direct mail so this webinar really answered many of the questions I had. Especially when it comes to do's and don'ts.” 

Maria Aranda, Boy Scouts of America

“The presenter provided a wealth of data and specific information to help guide us in planning direct mail campaigns” 

Suzanna Finley, CENTER

“I am new to the world of advancement and fundraising and found the information very helpful. I am energized with ideas of next steps for direct mail fundraising and determined to bring in more funding in both dollars and those who will give to our school.”

Peter Paladino

“All of the pieces of the puzzle to form the big picture of direct mail appeals, how to put them together and the benefits as shown by the results is impressively presented! Everyone working in an organization that makes direct mail appeals needs to view this webinar!”

Joy Lucas, Fort Wayne Trails, Inc.

** Note this webinar is not about "writing" direct mail appeals. Rather you will learn required, critical, and often overlooked elements that will make your nonprofit direct mail appeals successful. **

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