Amazingly Successful One-to-One Solicitations: a Step-By-Step Guide to Asking (Recording)

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Amazingly Successful One-to-One Solicitations: a Step-By-Step Guide to Asking  (Recording)
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Amazingly Successful One-to-One Solicitations: A Step-By-Step Guide to Asking

A Whopping 95% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

Almost 87% of all charitable gifts come from individuals, and virtually no one gives their biggest gift without being asked one-to-one.  If you’re not out there asking, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Do you know how to have an intentional conversation during which you ask a donor for a personally significant gift?  Do you ask the most revealing questions and get your donor to do most of the talking?  Do you feel comfortable with gift negotiations?

During this 90-minute nonprofit recorded webinar, Brian Saber, who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for small and medium-sized nonprofits, will share with you his most important findings over 35 years of successfully cultivating and soliciting thousands of donors individually.

Join Brian, one of the foremost experts on asking, as he drills deep into the solicitation meeting itself. His “Awesome Ask” webinar is a perennial favorite, and he’s now taken one segment and expanded it into a powerful 90 minutes.

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to take charge of the meeting to get the best results
  • How to ask important and revealing questions
  • How to make a concise case for support ending with an ask
  • How to help your donor see clearly to make a commitment
  • How to use your personality to your best advantage
  • How to respond to the most common forms of resistance

Before this recorded session ends you’ll know: 

  • Why asking for an exact amount is critical and powerful
  • What your donor expects of you
  • The pitfalls to avoid
  • Brian’s top five questions to ask 

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Amazingly Successful Solicitations Webinar Worksheet
  2. Conversation Questions for Cultivation and Solicitation Meetings
  3. An Intentional Conversation Guideline
  4. Segue to the Ask Handout
  5. Ask as You’d Be Asked Exercise
  6. Making the Ask Exercise
  7. Scripts for this time of Crisis
  8. The Webinar Slides

About Your Topic Expert:

Brian is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because: 

  1. He has been in more than 3000 donor meetings and closed more than a 1,000 gifts in his 25-year career as a development officer and executive director
  2. He has been studying the art and science of asking for gifts for the last 14 years as the president and co-founder of Asking Matters
  3. At Asking Matters he co-developed the Asking Styles, a system of understanding one's fundraising strengths and how they impact every step of the donor process.
  4. He has written three books, including Asking Styles: Revolutionize Your Fundraising and Engaged Boards Will Fundraise! 
  5. He is a much sought-after speaker, presenter, and trainer and has worked with more than 150 organizations, including the YMCAs of North America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Environmental Defense Fund, the U.S. Olympic Committee, Volunteers of America, and the Arthritis Foundation.

Brian Saber has raised hundreds of millions of dollars over 25 years by personally soliciting thousands of donors, coming to understand the art of the ask in a way that few people do. Because of his remarkable experience in asking, Brian has been able to break down the process of asking to its fundamental components, making simple what for many seems daunting. He knows how to persist through his own anxieties, remembering again and again that his success as a fundraiser makes a corner of the world a better place.

Brian has worked in social service, education, and the arts, raising money for his alma mater, Brandeis University, Northwestern University Settlement, and The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, among others. He is currently a consultant to various organizations around the country and presents, trains, and writes on fundraising and the art of the ask. Recent clients include the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the U.S. Olympics Committee, the St. Louis Planned Giving Council, the Utah Society of Fund Raisers, and the Salvation Army National Resource Development Conference.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar for Nonprofit Professionals:

“Brian was able to calm my fears of asking for a donation with examples of how to respond in certain situations. He is very knowledgeable!”

Denise Spokas, Carmen Catholic High School

“Great content, great presenter, and action items I can start using today!”

Ben Thomas, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

“This webinar was extremely helpful. My only regret was not doing it with all of my colleagues together so we could debrief and discuss how our styles are different/complimentary. The resources provided were amazing and Brian was such a wonderful presenter.”

Kristin Brooks, National Kidney Foundation Inc.

“I am an experienced fundraiser and I STILL found this helpful. It re-centered me and made me excited to get out there and ASK!”

Marissa Reibstein, Grounds For Sculpture 

“The webinar presented useful, practical, and natural pointers for navigating the "arc of the ask" smoothly. I feel better prepared to prepare in advance of meetings and execute them more confidently.”

Sara Lulo, ISLP

“This webinar was a great reminder of how a process can be your best tool. Thank you so much, I loved every minute of it and will go back to the video a few times and through all the material.” 

Katia Barsse-Blom, Love Justice International  

“Brian presents a very human approach to asking donors for money. He doesn't profess to have any silver bullets, but rather guides people toward understanding how to be successful at fundraising while remaining true to oneself.”

Jeroen Van Tyn,  Stillwater Music Foundation

“Presenter, Brian Saber, exhibited excellent knowledge and experience in this field of Successful One-to-One Solicitations.  His knowledge in this field is exceptional.  His presentation was extremely helpful and provided excellent suggestions, supplemental materials, and keys to successful fundraising.  Brian is an outstanding presenter and a person that I would feel very comfortable sitting down with representing an organization that is partially or fully dependent on donations to operate and survive.”

Donald secrest, Orphan Voice

“Brian was very engaging and was able to answer everyone's questions flawlessly.  He is a leader in the advancement field. Thank you Brian!”

Michelle Birkel, Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska

"Brian Saber was a very engaging and approachable presenter! It's nice to know that there are all different types of fundraisers out there, and we can each be successful."


"Brian did an excellent job of taking all the big fears of asking for major gifts and breaking them down into small and memorable bites…simple, empowering and so logical. I will ask for my next face-to-face meeting with much more clarity confidence about what I am there to accomplish and how to go about it. Ready to fill my calendar!"

Vanessa Russell, Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas

“I liked how Brian broke down the 'ask' into a process, with step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for each step.  Plus, it was very kind of him to provide access to all of the helpful supplemental materials.”

Raio Krishnayya, Center for Victim and Human Rights

“A very interesting and informative webinar on a difficult subject. Particularly liked the way the presenter made it a conversation by asking form responses to questions and then commenting on the responses.”

Adam Wilczek, United Way of Greater Nashville

“Fantastic seminar and highly relevant topic!  I made a career pivot from marketing/public relations to development in recent years and wanted to learn more about how to craft the ask and not be afraid of it.  I walked away from the seminar with a better understanding of the flow of the "ask meeting" and suggested ways to word the actual ask. “

Jennifer Harris, Communities in Schools - Charleston

“Brian's webinar was fantastic - engaging, fun, and full of relevant information that I can put to use right away.”

Elana Mass, New York Sun Works

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