How to Make a Thank You Video that Delights Donors and Gets Them to Give Again - Special End of Year Giving Edition

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    Dannielle Stewart
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How to Make a Thank You Video that Delights Donors and Gets Them to Give Again - Special End of Year Giving Edition

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Gratitude and acknowledgment are powerful for anyone. For donors, it can make an incredible difference in how they engage with your nonprofit going forward. The end-of-year is an incredible time to not only thank your donors in a meaningful way but also encourage a future gift. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate impact in a way that’s both fun AND personal. 

Video has the power to create incredible connections between your donors and your impact and even for beginners, a thank you video is not only doable, it will elevate your message beyond a standard email.

During this 90-minute webinar, we’ll talk about how creating a beautiful, impact-focused thank-you video is accessible to everyone. We’ll discuss how to create thank you videos from beginning to end - including how to identify the kind of video that works for your audience, how to choose simple equipment that can make a big difference, and walk through some case studies of creative ways that other nonprofits have stood out with their messages of thank you in creative ways. 

Join us and learn, step by step, how to create personalized videos that your nonprofit organization can use for donor retention!

During This Nonprofit Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • How to create your Thank You Video workplan: putting efficient pre-production to work for you. 
  • How to create custom, end-of-year giving thank you videos that feel personal to your donor  - even with very basic equipment and staff capacity - let’s get creative! 
  • How to move the viewer: identifying a call to action and why it matters in a thank you. 
  • How to create a quick snapshot of your viewer and why that matters: meeting your donor where they are. 
  • How to choose a location. 
  • How to choose a storyteller. 
  • How to show impact in a quick thank you video. 
  • How to capture your video from your phone in a way that maximizes your quality including lighting and sound. 
  • How to make simple video edits, add text and graphics and music. 
  • How to guide your storyteller into sound bites that pack a punch. 
  • How to measure success.   
  • How to put your knowledge into action: reviewing examples of standout thank you’s. 

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Thank You Video Worksheet 
  2. Editing 101: a video walkthrough of editing 
  3. Equipment and resources roundup
  4. Media release example
  5. The Webinar Slides 
  6. The Webinar Recording 

About Your Topic Expert:

Dannielle is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. She has led her own nonprofit through the process of custom and creative thank-you videos as well as for nonprofit partners. 
  2. Has more than 15 years of experience in in-house, sponsor-side marketing teams, allowing her to help you think creatively about speaking to not only individuals but also corporate givers. 
  3. Helps nonprofits navigate the challenges of including special-requirement populations including HIPAA protected participants, the elderly, minors, those with mental health challenges, and more with creative storytelling that respects the subjects of the video. 
  4. Regularly teaches nonprofit professionals the basics of not only storytelling but also the 101 of recording great videos from the technology on hand. 

Dannielle Stewart supports & grows the mission of nonprofits and Corporate Social Responsibility programs through strategic, well-researched marketing communications and high-quality video productions. 

She works as a producer and a writer for nonprofit organizations and, in leading up to the 2020 virtual gala season, has produced videos that address the most urgent needs for nonprofits serving vulnerable populations on the front lines. 

After a special volunteer visit to the West Bank following the Arab Spring, she decided to pivot her communication expertise into helping nonprofits create solid and defendable messaging strategies that drive the work of fundraising, campaign awareness, create a connection between those needing services and those who can support them, issue awareness, elevating the message of equity and generally dedicated to the human stories that compel us all to action. 

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