How To Grow Your Email List and Convert Subscribers Into Donors: A Step by Step Guide (Recording)

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How To Grow Your Email List and Convert Subscribers Into Donors: A Step by Step Guide (Recording)
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How To Grow Your Email List and Convert Subscribers Into Donors: A Step by Step Guide

A Whopping 96% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

Is email an integral part of your overall fundraising apparatus? Would you like to…

  • Grow your email subscriber list? 
  • Increase your open rates? 
  • Boost your click-through rates? 
  • Convert more subscribers into donors?

Then this 90-minute nonprofit webinar recording is for you!

Email marketing should be a vital part of your organization’s fundraising portfolio. Join fundraising and marketing expert Ephraim Gopin and learn the steps to follow from properly onboarding new subscribers to eventually asking them for a donation. You’ll learn best practices, get expert advice, and receive useful tips that you can implement right away. 

In just 90 minutes, you will have the knowledge necessary to create, execute and manage an email marketing program which gets results, helps your organization raise awareness, educates the public, and builds relationships with subscribers so your organization can fundraise and service more people in your community. 

Ephraim Gopin is uniquely qualified to teach this webinar because he has spent the last two decades helping nonprofits raise more money using marketing tactics and strategies aimed at connecting and building relationships. His email marketing efforts have helped nonprofits double the average sector open rate, triple website traffic via email, and raise more money year over year.

Ephraim has held leadership positions with small and midsize organizations, as well as a global family foundation. He has taught hundreds of fundraisers and leaders how to onboard new subscribers successfully and started them down the path of converting subscribers into donors.

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to onboard new subscribers via your website
  • How to determine how many fields your subscription form needs
  • How to create a call-to-action that encourages signups
  • How to recruit new subscribers via your online donation page 
  • How to show gratitude on your website to new subscribers
  • How to welcome new subscribers via email
  • How to personalize welcome emails and start building the relationship from email #1
  • How to write subject lines that increase your open rate
  • How to play design golf
  • How to find content that boosts your click-thru rate
  • How to measure the success of your emails
  • How to avoid mistakes and how to fix an email oopsie
  • How to make the ask- and how not to

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Email onboarding checklist: What you need on your website to encourage more signups
  2. Ideas tip sheet: What content to consider including in your e-newsletters
  3. Crisis communications: 5-step plan for dealing with email oopsies
  4. The Webinar Slides 

About Your Topic Expert:

Ephraim is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. Has 2 decades of experience combining fundraising and marketing to build relationships
  2. Has helped NPOs grow email subscriber lists, double industry email open rate, triple website traffic, and convert subscribers into donors
  3. Has tracked records of growing donor bases, building brand awareness, and increasing donations
  4. Has worn ALL the hats from CEO on down (and like you, have worn multiple hats at the same job)

Ephraim Gopin spent almost two decades in the nonprofit sector wearing all the hats: CEO, fundraiser, alumni director, grant writer, event organizer, marketing and communications director. This included three years as communications director for a global family foundation, transforming them into a thought leader and positioning them as the leading voice in the global Jewish world on their key advocacy issue, the full inclusion of people with disabilities into society.

Ephraim founded his own agency, 1832 Communications, to help nonprofits use smart marketing to build relationships and raise more money so more people can be helped. 1832 partners with nonprofits to craft strategies which upgrade their online presence, boost their email marketing, improve their marketing collateral and strengthen their overall fundraising and marketing efforts. 

Ephraim is the publisher of the popular daily e-newsletter Your Daily Dose of Nonprofit and the host of the Your Weekly Dose of Nonprofit podcast.

In his spare time, Ephraim is a new recipe cooker, 80s pop music master, a vocal and lifelong fan of Boston sports teams, a puzzle doer and a Looney Tunes lover. Ephraim is the proud father of three young adults, all of whom enjoy road trips with their dad but disapprove of how he takes selfies.  

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“It covered every aspect of growing your email list.  Especially liked that specific examples were given.”

Lynn Gerber, WriterCoach Connection

“This webinar provided excellent tips to craft and implement a successful email campaign to convert subscribers to donors and get more traffic to the website. I appreciated the supporting data.”

Audra Dement, Sandler Center Foundation

“Great crash course on the do's and don't for attracting, retaining, and converting donors.”

Anli Lee, Autism Society

“It was nice to get confirmation that some of the things my organization is doing are effective, but wow, there are so many things we could be doing better! This webinar broke it down into simple explanations with even simpler solutions. As engaging as the webinar was, I couldn't wait for it to end so I could get to work on our website and emails!”

Matt Sulem, Bicycle Coalition of Maine

“As someone who is starting from scratch in this subject, I thought I might be overwhelmed. But the subject was explained well, made sense, and I didn't feel lost at all. Kudos to the presenter.”

Kellie Minkler, The Arc of Wabash County

“Clear, to the point, simple directions. Hugely helpful, I listened to many over 27 years when I started and this was the best!”

Zane Wilson Julius, South African Depression, and Anxiety Group

“This webinar provided valuable insights into converting subscribers into donors. The speaker provided helpful tips, examples, and tools to support this. I'm looking forward to implementing these tips and tools into our newsletter and website.”

Christopher LaFranchi,  OneReef

“I gained a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. Also, love the fact that resources were provided.”

Tracie Garfield, Western Native Voice

“Really thoughtful, well-organized, and relevant information. I'm now ready to optimize my email sign-ups, welcome emails, and fundraising emails to help improve our performance. Ephraim was engaging and provided great examples to support the presentation info. Thank you for a wonderful session!”

Christina Schnoor, Anera

“This was an excellent webinar. It was a soup-to-nuts approach and I learned so much. Also appreciate all the helpful resources and takeaways.”

Svetlana Mostovsky,  Catalyst Inc.

“Lots of content, well organized. The presenter was knowledgeable and clearly speaks from experience. The "real world" examples of what to do or avoid were well chosen.”

Bill Day, Threefold Educational Center

“Very helpful and appropriate as we are in the process of a complete redesign of our website and changing our email marketing platform, this info will be very useful as we move forward with our Digital Initiative project.with our Digital Initiative project.”

Tom Grace, SHARE Agriculture Foundation

“A great deal of practical information presented in an engaging manner. Well done!”

Cassella Rochelle,  Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

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