How To Fundraise With Facebook & Instagram Advertising: A Step-By-Step Guide

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    Caroline Fothergill
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How To Fundraise With Facebook & Instagram Advertising: A Step-By-Step Guide
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Is your nonprofit sitting on the sidelines while other organizations raise thousands of dollars every month with Facebook and Instagram advertising? Whether you’ve never advertised on these platforms, or you’ve advertised in spurts but didn’t see the results you were looking for, this session will equip you to add the Facebook Ad Manager platform to your fundraising toolbelt. 

At the end of this 90-minute webinar, you will know how to design and optimize a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign to generate awareness, leads, and dollars for your cause—with minimal oversight required.

This webinar is technical and step-by-step, great for beginner and intermediate advertisers.

During This Live Nonprofit Webinar You Will Learn: 

  • How to design a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign with donations as your objective
  • How to build custom audiences, including Lookalike and retargeting audiences 
  • How to set your campaign to “auto-optimize” 
  • How to monitor your campaign while it’s running
  • Tips for effective campaign tracking
  • Tips for designing ads and landing pages that convert  

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign Set-Up Checklist 
  2. Guide to Writing Compelling Ads for Fundraising 
  3. The Webinar Slides 
  4. The Webinar Recording

About Your Topic Expert:

Caroline Fothergill is uniquely qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. She has designed and executed Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns for statewide, national, and international nonprofit clients across a range of cause areas, including environmental conservation, public health, animal welfare, and human rights. 
  2. Caroline’s ad campaigns for nonprofit clients have seen a Return on Ad Spend as high as 10:1 ($10 raised for every $1 spent) and click-through rates as high as 25%!
  3. Caroline has been in your shoes. She remembers what it’s like to be a nonprofit marketing and communications team of one and is eager to teach you how to set up ad campaigns that require minimal oversight.  
  4. Caroline helps organizations of all sizes embrace digital marketing best practices and use their resources thoughtfully to bring in new fans and funds. 

Caroline Fothergill is a digital marketing and communications strategist with 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She knows what it’s like to be a marketing and communications team of one, and remembers feeling overwhelmed by all of the digital marketing tools and terminology! Now, having delivered many successful digital advertising campaigns for nonprofits, Caroline promotes Facebook as one of the most effective advertising methods for fundraising.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“The presenter was engaging and knowledgeable. The content was easy to follow and started at a basic level.”

Sharon Nash, UnityPoint

“ChartiyHowTo consistently delivers the value they promise! They hire knowledgeable and exciting presenters that make it engaging and easy to jump into these complex topics and tasks. Couldn't ask for a better experience!”

Nicolas Killeen, The gift of Jazz

“It was great! The presenter was super knowledgeable and engaging and I feel like I learned a lot that I can bring back and use in my organization.”

Brian Sas, The jacobs  Institute

“The webinar was engaging and so helpful. Knowing the ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram marketing can be overwhelming and the information Caroline provided on best practices, as well as tips and tricks was incredibly beneficial.”

Kerry Johnson, Miller-Dwan Foundation

“Caroline provided an amazing webinar that was actually really helpful. So many webinars can be so general and don't show you the steps on how to achieve your goals but Caroline gave us a really comprehensive overview of HOW to create Facebook ads!”

Carolyn Daly, Mil Milagros

“CharityHowTo is full of practical, applicable, and valuable information - their social media fundraising webinar was super engaging and easy to follow, with simple tips and in-depth knowledge, I've been seeking for years!”

Susie Robert,RedRover

“This was a great webinar for a total beginner. I had never even looked at Facebook and Instagram advertising before the class and left feeling like I would have no problem fully setting up and running a campaign.”

Rhyan Buettner, Middle Ground

“This was a very helpful webinar and well worth the time and cost! Caroline explained everything in a very easy-to-understand format, including walking through how to set up an actual campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. While I am not new to Facebook ads, I've questioned if I was doing everything correctly, and this webinar really helped answer my questions and show me how to do new things like Lookalike Audiences and Retargeting that I hadn't tried yet. I'm excited to put this information to work!”

Alaina Green, Jewish Family Service of Colorado

“This presentation was thorough and detailed but engaging. I understood each step and why certain things were important. The presenter was very good at moving through the material while answering questions.”

Trish Anderton,  Goddard Riverside

“After attending this presentation, I am confident that our organization will convert Likes and Follows to Donations! So many gems and they're easy mine.”

Jarvis Taylor, Education Based Housing 2021

“Super helpful! Facebook Ads can be difficult to blindly navigate, but now I feel as though I can take a solid swing at it as a one-man advertisement team for my nonprofit.”

Andre Bailey, Good News Ministries

“Caroline was an excellent presenter. She shared complex information boiled down to the essentials. I do feel like I can run a donation ad campaign now. Thank you!”

Inga Glodowski, The Moth

“The presenter was very knowledgeable, organized, and broke down the process well.  It was an excellent introduction to a whole new channel for fundraising!”

Bryan Kortis, Neighborhood Cats

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If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides and Bonus Materials.

Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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