How to Meet and Exceed your Next Fundraising Goals: Fast Track to Fundraising Success (Recording)

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How to Meet and Exceed your Next Fundraising Goals: Fast Track to Fundraising Success (Recording)

How to Meet and Exceed your Next Fundraising Goals: Fast Track to Fundraising Success

Is your fundraising haphazard and not raising the amounts you want or need? You know you need to raise more money but who has the time to wade through fundraising theory? You trained to do the great work that your organization is doing, not to be a fundraiser. It shouldn’t be this hard. 

Cherian Koshy gets it. He’s been there before and is boots-on-the-ground fundraising right now. As a frontline fundraiser, he’s trained extensively and has raised millions of dollars for nonprofits. 

He’s designed this course specifically for you, the busy nonprofit professional, who is struggling to raise that first $10,000 FAST and the next $100,000 in your first year with actionable ideas that work in your specific organization. 

In this fundraising webinar Recording on how to fundraise for a nonprofit, Cherian will show you the proven techniques that will enable you to quickly move forward with the fundraising momentum that will help you reach your goal. Be a thought leader and start taking your organization's mission on a path of better fundraising efforts!

From the first email asking for a visit to the first meeting with a donor, to cashing that first check, you’ll see exactly what’s worked for dozens of nonprofit organizations and learn how to measure fundraising success, and how to get your board to fundraise. If you need cash in the bank fast and you want to do it the right way, this is the right course for you.

Your investment in this recorded course will return at least ten times what you spend on it...probably a lot more! 

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to create a message for donors that will speak to their need to help
  • How to build a board that fundraises for you and how they will feel comfortable doing it
  • How to quickly build an irresistible donor offer
  • How to identify the potential donors all around you and how to connect with them 
  • How to identify the right fundraising strategy that will work for you and your resources
  • How to ask a donor for a gift
  • How to scale your fast-track success to sustainable fundraising systems

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. The Fast Track Fundraising Course Workbook includes everything you’ll need to reach your first goals
  2. The Fast Track Fundraising Scripts that Succeed including sample telephone, meeting, and referral scripts
  3. The Webinar Slides

About Your Topic Expert:

Cherian is specifically qualified to teach this course because:

  1. Frontline fundraiser currently raises millions of dollars each year
  2. Helping dozens of small/mid-sized nonprofits break through their first fundraising goals
  3. Trusted trainer of thousands of nonprofit professionals on CharityHowTo and through other webinars

Cherian Koshy is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and AFP Master Trainer with more than twenty years of experience. He serves as the Director of Development at Des Moines Performing Arts, one of the nation's premier arts organizations. As a member of the advisory panel for Rogare: The Fundraising Think Tank, he has written a number of articles and contributed to a number of papers on fundraising ethics, professional development, and philanthropy in the US. He was appointed by the governor to Iowa’s Commission on Volunteer Service where he helps advance legislation to support volunteerism and engage Iowans in volunteer activity.

He is a co-founder of the Des Moines Fundraising Institute, a non-profit designed to instruct fundraisers on best practices. Nationally, he serves as a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals External Relations and Professional Development Divisions as well as a regular presenter at the AFP International Conference and regional workshops on fundraising. 

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