How To Develop a Wellness Practice to Avoid Nonprofit Burnout (in Micro Lessons)

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    Claudia Cometa
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How To Develop a Wellness Practice to Avoid Nonprofit Burnout (in Micro Lessons)

This nonprofit course will be offered in a bite-size learning format,
with lessons broken down into 3-7 minute segments.

How To Develop a Wellness Practice to Avoid Nonprofit Burnout

Digestible, Snackable Bitesize Micro Lessons On-Demand Course!


Nonprofits are created out of passion and a true desire to make the world a better place. Founders, staff, and volunteers often find themselves giving from a place of depletion due to burnout. In this course, we will dive into the concepts of wellness, burnout, and the specific challenges nonprofits face. We will then provide tangible and practical ways nonprofits can begin to prioritize and improve both self-care and team-care, allowing you, the passionate nurturer, to put your oxygen mask on first and give from a place of abundance.

What you will learn during this Micro Lessons course:

  1. How to define wellness and how it differs from health
  2. The stark realities of burnout
  3. The specific wellness and burnout challenges nonprofits face
  4. How to find your why and take inventory of your personal wellness
  5. How to begin setting reasonable and reachable wellness goals
  6. How to begin prioritizing your wellness and leveraging accountability partners
  7. How to incorporate community and culture into a wellness practice

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials: 

  • “What is True Wellness” video
  • “Your Wellness Mark” Inventory
  • Nonprofit Panel Wellness Q and A video
  • Slides

Course Outline: 

This Micro Lesson includes 3 Units and 7 Lessons: 

  • Unit 1: “Defining Wellness” (Lessons 1-2)
  1. Course Introduction
  2. Lesson 1  (Health vs Wellness)
  • Unit 2: “Realities of Burnout” (Lessons 1-2)
  1. Lesson 1 (Definition and Statistics)
  2. Lesson 2 (Challenges for Nonprofits)
  • Unit 3: “Developing a Wellness Practice” (Lessons 1-4)
  1. Lesson 1 (Step 1: Welcome Change)
  2. Lesson 2 (Step 2: Evaluate Your Current State of Wellness)
  3. Lesson 3 (Step 3: Lead With Goals)
  4. Lesson 4 (Step 4: Leverage Accountability Partners)
  5. Lesson 5 (Step 5: Incorporate Community and Culture)

About Your Instructor:

Dr. Claudia Cometa is a clinical pharmacist by profession, patient advocate by passion, and wellness educator by calling. After years of a career focused on external remedies, she has embraced the importance of well-being and wellness from an inner state. She hosts the Minding Wellness podcast, featuring speakers from around the world covering topics related to mind, body, and spirit. She is a certified meditation teacher and speaker on wellness topics.

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