QuickBooks for Nonprofits 101 & 102 - A Two-Part Webinar Series: Learn How to Correctly Use QuickBooks Online for Your Nonprofit (Recording)

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    180 Minutes
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    Gregg Bossen
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QuickBooks for Nonprofits 101 & 102 - A Two-Part Webinar Series: Learn How to Correctly Use QuickBooks Online for Your Nonprofit (Recording)


If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides and Bonus Materials.

During this fun interactive two-part webinar recording series you will learn exactly how to set your books up correctly (or fix your current setup) and efficiently enter (or download) typical nonprofit transactions, so that you can easily get the reports you need for your board, finance committee, management as well as the accountant.

Join national nonprofit QuickBooks trainer Gregg S. Bossen CPA in this two-part webinar recording series, as he takes you step by step through how to best use QuickBooks Online for your nonprofit organization. 

Whether you have been struggling with QuickBooks for years, or are brand new to the program, this two-part series is for you. You will be blown away when you see the nonprofit reports you can get out of the program with a push of a button. You just need to set things up and enter transactions correctly.

During This Nonprofit Recorded Webinar You Will Learn:

Day One (90 Minutes): The Best Setup for NonProfits 

  • How to know which QuickBooks version you should get
  • How to understand the home page
  • How to navigate the screens and seeing multiple windows
  • How to connect your QuickBooks to your bank for downloading transactions (bank feeds)
  • How to set up the Chart of Accounts to make your board happy (and match the audit and 990)
  • How and where to track your programs
  • How and where to add your donors, members, students and vendors
  • How to enter your budgeting in QuickBooks and compare to actual results

DayTwo (90 Minutes): Entering Methods for Entering Transactions: Revenue and Expenses

  • How to enter your transactions and point to programs: a step by step walk-through 
  • How to enter donations and grants
  • How to record membership dues, contracts and other earned revenue
  • How to use the product/service list effectively
  • How to enter and pay bills
  • How to write and print checks
  • How to enter debit cards and drafts
  • How to download and point transactions from your bank
  • How to use QuickBooks as a database introduction

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Chart of Accounts Sample
  2. How to Do Journal Entries: A Helpful Guide (Pregnant Alice)
  3. QuickBooks Online Versions Comparison Chart: QBO Plus vs. QBO Advanced
  4. The Webinar Slides 
  5. The Webinar Recording 

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Great webinar - very informative and helpful.  The presenter clearly knows QB well and presented it in a clear and often humorous fashion and was willing to answer all questions.”

Gerald Frim

“This webinar definitely added to my understanding of the QuickBooks Online platform.”

Patrick Clark, Trinity Academy

“Greg Bossen was very engaging and obviously very knowledgeable about QuickBooks. I have been a bookkeeper my entire career, but never used QB.  This was really helpful in getting me started.”

Elizabeth Shiverdecker

“This webinar was extremely valuable!  I'm looking forward to additional programs on QuickBooks as I become more experienced using it and making it more useful to our organization.”

Debra Baron, Community Foundation of Kankakee River Valley

“Gregg covered a lot of complicated material in a way as simple as possible. I don't even work with QuickBooks (I took the webinar because I'm setting up a donor relations database for a nonprofit that does), and I feel like, with a review of some of the more complicated portions of the recording, I could become their bookkeeper, too!”

Timothy Voss

“I'm New to non-profit accounting and this webinar helped me tremendously.”

Jessica Soares, Regional Inter-Faith Association

“Great webinar - not just a very good overview but all your specific questions answered. too.  And somehow he makes accounting funny.”

Gerald Frim

“Gregg is awesome with his teaching methods.  He has a knack for making what he teaches stick.”

Star Darling

“Knowledgeable instructor, and not too formal. The content is dense enough. I like that the instructor makes it lighter.”

Patricia Rohde

“This addresses EXACTLY what I’ve been missing since we started our nonprofit a few years ago! I feel like I FINALLY understand how to get the most out of QBO!”

Angela Smucker, Third Coast Baroque

“Gregg answered even more questions than I had entered this webinar with. Excellent presentation: material presented, pacing, and response to questions raised by participants.”

Nicholas Restivo, MOEMS

“I am new to QuickBooks and I found the presentation to be understandable and full of practical suggestions.”

Evelyn McGowan

About Your Topic Expert:

Gregg S. Bossen, CPA is the owner of his own CPA firm in Atlanta, GA. Since 2000, Gregg has been teaching QuickBooks seminars around the country for various groups, conducting webinars, providing technical support to hundreds of clients, one-one-one consulting, and offering industry-specific streamable video training: "QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits: The Essentials" and "Beyond the Essentials". 

Gregg is not only an expert in the program, but he is the nation’s leading expert when it comes to nonprofits that use QuickBooks. In total, Gregg has taught over 4,000 seminars to more than 60,000 students.

If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides and Bonus Materials

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