How to Create New Funding through Program Design

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How to Create New Funding through Program Design
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Funders like to fill the community’s unmet needs. This webinar will provide you with a step-by-step guide through the process of evaluating, designing, and growing funding through programs that deliver your mission and bring in funding.

Programs deliver our mission to the community. They drive fundraising, marketing and staffing. They are the reason we exist. Programs should drive funding rather than the other way around.

Join topic expert Zoot Velasco as he helps you design programs worthy of funding. His award-winning programs doubled in budget and scope each year. A single outreach program in 2009 serving 900 grew to 12 programs in 45 sites serving more than 25,000 youth last year with a program budget increasing from $100,000 to $600,000. His organization won the California Superintendent of Education Award for Museum Excellence for the programs he designed.

What you will learn during this nonprofit webinar:

  • How To Speak Program Design (Important for program funding!)
  • How To Evaluate What You Have
  • How To Articulate The Need
  • How To Make The Case For Change
  • Preliminary Funding
  • How To Design Success
  • Strategies for Full Funding
  • Strategic Partnership for Successful Funding
  • Implementing A Pilot
  • How To Scale Up Your Programs

Your Bonus Materials:

A Program Design Worksheet

A Program Funding Resource Sheet (Strategies for Funding)

Three chapters (on Fundraising, Programming and Reporting) from Zoot’s Book “The First 100 Days, Leading Small Non-Profits Out of the Wilderness.”

Slides and Webinar Recording

What Attendees Said about This Webinar: 

"Hi Zoot, I attended the webinar you presented and wanted to reach out and say thanks for the helpful, real-world experience and knowledge you shared. As a very small organization in the beginning stages, you presented a lot of helpful ideas for funding and tools that I believe implemented will help our organization grow. You inspired me!"

Thank you! 

Tiana Uribe, Founder The Wildflower Initiative, Inc.

“In addition to lots of good information and tips, this webinar provides a simple roadmap on how to fund programs, new and old.”

Heidi Pickman, California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity

“Very engaging presenter. He was very good at speaking about the broader issues without being tied directly to his slides. The worst presenters are those who simply read what is already on the slide, but Zoot was able to use the slide as the jumping off point for an intelligent monologue about fundraising.”

John Federico, Ralston Center

“Very thorough and synthesized a complex topic into a concise understandable format.”

Claire Birney, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

“The webinar was what we needed; it was a straightforward step-by-step guide that covered all the things we need to do, as well as the pieces needed to achieve the whole program design. We included the CEO, Development Director, Exhibit Designer, Grantwriter and Finance person in the group, and each got something from it.”

Linda Pierce, Roger Tory Institute of Natural History

“This webinar explained the program growth process and illustrated it with live examples that helped make the concepts real- very helpful.”

Lorraine Bier, Financial Literacy Coalition

About the Expert

Zoot Velasco is a community consultant specializing in capacity building and educational program design. After a 12-year career as an artist, dancer, and actor, he created an award-winning prison arts program producing work currently in museum collections at the Getty, Hammer, and Library of Congress. He built four new art centers in the Harbor Area for the City of Los Angeles and helped build a Boys & Girls Club in Harbor City and a theatre in Long Beach. He holds a degree in dance from St. Mary’s College, an MBA from Hope International University and professional designations in arts education, fundraising, management and conflict resolution. Zoot has raised more $25 million for various community benefit organizations (CFRE-2011). From 2007–2016, he led the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton. He was able to increase patrons, programs, members, and budget by 400 percent, all during a bad economy, while winning over 12 local, regional, and statewide awards for his STEAM education programs.

If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides, and Bonus Materials


Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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