NEW! Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Use Coaching to Solve Fundraising Challenges

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Do you want to support your team in solving fundraising challenges? Or perhaps you have a fundraising colleague who is facing a fundraising problem? Are you looking for tools that can help you be a better manager and leader?   

Join us for this 45 minute FREE Nonprofit Webinar where fundraising expert Michelle Stein will show you step-by-step how to use coaching to solve your fundraising challenges. 

We will start our learning with active listening so you’ll properly identify the particular challenge being faced. Then we will go through the coaching model and learn the technique that you can apply to any fundraising issue. 

The beauty of coaching is that you can apply these techniques regardless of what area of fundraising you work in, or what  type of work your nonprofit does. At the end of this 45 minute Nonprofit webinar you will have the knowledge and tools necessary  to coach your colleagues or team members. 

During This Nonprofit Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How to actively listen to problems faced by your fundraising team or colleagues 
  • How to identify problems, think through options and apply solutions using a coaching method
  • How to help colleagues with fundraising dilemmas even when you don’t know the solution or are not familiar with their area of fundraising 
  • How to develop colleagues so you get the best out of your team   

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What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Michelle did not give us any answers but questions that makes us think for ourselves to come up with the answer. It might not be the correct answer but  you have thought about it yourself and this might give you an idea for the best answer.”

Joe Gray  

“I am brand new to this profession.  This presenter provided a lot of get information.  Active listening and open questions are the way to begin building relationships, this is something I see as a very important aspect to being successful in this field.  Thank you.”

Hethar McIntosh

“Too many nonprofit managers lack the training and skills to succeed. This webinar offered a succinct, straight-forward, easy method that managers can readily adopt and apply -- thank you!”  

Jocelyn Berger, HIAS

“Very appreciative of the opportunities provided by CharityHowTo to learn from experts in their field at no cost. Thank you!”

Carmen Marttila, Junior Achievement of Washington

“It was very well done, great presenter and material!”

Anne Marie Gewirtz

“I specifically liked the GROW method that I plan to use in preparation for our next fundraiser.”

Susie Crowley, The University of New Mexico

About Your Topic Expert:

Michelle Stein, founder of Handmade Fundraising, is a fundraising consultant who specializes in relationship fundraising.

She has worked in charities spanning faith, international development and arts and heritage, most recently at the British Museum where she worked with some of the biggest philanthropic families in the UK.

She is also passionate about team development and supports team leaders to get the best from their fundraising teams. 

She has trained fundraisers in the UK, Europe, Australia and South Africa and knows from first hand experience that with the right training, any fundraiser can go from mediocre to extraordinary!

If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording & Slides

Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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