How to Set Up and Run the Day of Your Event Like a Professional Event Planner (Recording)

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How to Set Up and Run the Day of Your Event Like a Professional Event Planner (Recording)
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A Whopping 90% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

Running a special event is challenging. Think about what it can include - silent auction set up, organizing volunteers, rental deliveries, catering coordination, managing AV run-throughs, and oversight of the stage program.

To top it all off, there’s a lot riding on your special event. Your organization has poured an enormous amount of time and money into this production, and you need to be sure it runs smoothly on the big day.

Do you worry about pulling it all together? Wonder how you’ll tie all the loose ends and make your fundraiser a success? Take a deep breath…help is on the way!

Now you can be an event management superstar, thanks to the strategies and solutions presented in this webinar. Taught by a 20-year event planning veteran, here you will find professional-level solutions for managing special events - from setup, through stage program, all the way through to breakdown.

Webinar Recording Summary:

  • How to get organized before the day of your event
  • How to work with caterers, and decipher Banquet Event Orders (BEOs)
  • How to create a Command Center for volunteers and vendors
  • How to devise a Day-of Timeline and Run of Show
  • How to run a seamless stage program, just like a professional
  • How to oversee efficient breakdown and cleanup of your event

What You Will Learn from this Recorded Nonprofit Webinar

  • Step 1: Preparing for the Day of the Event
  • Step 2: How to Coordinate with Your Venue and Caterer
  • Step 3: How to Set Up a Command Center, Green Room and Comfort Room
  • Step 4:  How to Mobilize Your Volunteer Army
  • Step 5: How to Efficiently Manage Silent Auction Set Up
  • Step 6: How to Be an Effective Onsite Leader
  • Step 7: How to Run a Seamless Stage Program
  • Step 8: How to Manage Your Event’s Break Down

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  • Sample Day-of Timeline
  • Sample Run of Show
  • Volunteer Matrix Template
  • Sample Venue Schematic
  • The Webinar Slides

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Practical tools WITH an explanation of how to use them.  AJ did a great job of not just telling about resources, but giving examples and explaining them.”

Kim Atchley, Spartanburg Academic Movement

“A. J. Steinberg's presentation was excellent. I have done organization forums, as a volunteer, by the seat of my pants. Much of it is instinctual. Hearing Steinberg's techniques was really affirming. And having her organizing toolkit will make my job much easier.” 

Brenda Butler, The National Association of Black Journalists

“A.J. is very knowledgeable and shares her experiences in the event world in an upbeat and relatable way. She truly is an expert and was willing to share all of her tools and tricks of the trade!” 

Stephanie Smith, Kosair Charities

“This webinar was great! AJ's knowledge is vast and she's super approachable.  This was great info for all beginners and also for those of us who have been working events for years.”

Jennifer Akiyama, Camphill Communities California

"AJ was thorough, friendly, and professional. She went into great detail about what her experience has been, how she's handled situations before, and best practices. "

Leah Jarvis, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

"So many helpful ideas! Also, very reassuring I am going in the right direction for all the events in my organization."

Anne Marie Kollander, Hershey Montessori School

"AJ's step by step breakdown was really helpful. As someone who puts on a lot of events, I appreciate her insight."

Lisa Schuette,  Humane Network 

“This webinar was packed with a ton of great information! I was relieved to know that I am already doing about 90% of what was recommended. The day of timeline will definitely come in handy at the 2019 gala that I am in charge of. In the past I haven't taken the time to do a formal timeline for myself and my assistant. I think it will help us stay on task and not be so overwhelmed the day of our event.”

Stephanie Carabeo, Safari Club International

“I liked how she asked everyone to say hi, I love how precise and to the point the slides were, and how easy it was to follow along. I love the handouts. I learned a lot of new things that I typically forget! Thanks!”

Alicia Marshall, Boys and Girls Club of St. Lucie County

“The presenter, AJ, was absolutely amazing.  So friendly, so on top of every question, examples and illustrations included, willing to share extra tools at the end, she was great!”

Nicole Dewey, The Financial Clinic

“This webinar is great for those just beginning their Event Planner journey.  Get down to the basics of running your event & what all components are needing to think for.  You will leave this webinar with a clear sense of what your responsibilities are in running this event."  

Susan Pruitt, Campus Outreach

About Your Topic Expert

A.J. Steinberg has been creating outstanding special events since 1999 with her Malibu, California-based event production company, Masquerade Events.

In 2015 A.J. created Queen Bee Fundraising, which focuses on the art of nonprofit event management.  Along with producing nonprofit events, A.J. teaches strategies for producing successful fundraising events and effective volunteer committee leadership. She also leads event planning workshops, and is an author with the Charity Channel Press.

A.J. works with a broad spectrum of nonprofit clients, including The Jane Goodall Institute, Cystic Fibrosis, BreatheLA and Union Rescue Mission. She is a recognized leader in the field of committee-based fundraising.

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