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Get Your Board to Give Their Biggest Gifts and Help You Fundraise (Recording)

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Author: Brian Saber
Duration: 75 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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Imagine how much you could accomplish if every board member contributed his or her best gift and was enthusiastically involved in helping the organization fundraise.  

Well, that’s not going to happen unless you educate the board and develop a strategic plan for their involvement. You can’t just keep asking them to “solicit their lists” - it’s not strategic and it deadens your board members’ spirit and willingness to be involved.

Your board must lead the way in fundraising if your organization is going to fulfill its vision and have the impact everyone wants.  That means a thought-out, formal board solicitation process and a detailed plan for how to strategically involve board members in fundraising.

Join asking and board expert Brian Saber to learn how to:

  • Create a board culture where the importance of giving and helping fundraise is clearly understood and embraced
  • Develop a board process that absolutely will raise the level of board giving
  • Educate your board on what it means to be involved in fundraising as a board member
  • Train your board on the art of soliciting gifts face-to-face

* Note: This webinar recording is accompanied by a 5-page worksheet to be used during the webinar

Bonus Materials:

  1. Board Member Resource Commitment Form
  2. Anxiety/Excitement Worksheet
  3. Culture of Asking Checklist
  4. How to Support Each Asking Style Chart
  5. Ask as You’d Be Asked Exercise
  6. Find Your Own Words Exercise

What Attendees Said about This Webinar Recording:

“Extremely helpful - he shared simple ways to get board feeling comfortable about fundraising.  Gave step by step instructions and had great worksheets/materials.”

Ursula Washington, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

“Very important topic,  very clear road to implementation.”

Jennifer Ward, Appalachian State University

”This was the very best webinar *I have listened to on this subject.  I took copious notes, but also was so pleased with the fact that I chose this webinar because I'm inundated with work and thought I had little time to devote this afternoon. I must say that everything was so clearly stated, so easily understood... I feel energized and more knowledgeable about moving forward with our Board of Directors.  Thank you for this very important present this afternoon!”

Harreen Bertisch, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc.

“This webinar helped me think more strategically as an Executive Director about my Board giving strategy and also gave me actual tools to utilize with my Board and Staff to make it happen.”

Michelle Cusano, Richmond District Neighborhood Center

“I've served on many boards across a wide spectrum throughout my career and now in retirement.  I've also attended many how-to seminars and webinars. This webinar was excellent -- in its content, its presentation, and the materials provided.”

Scott Butler

“It was a great reminder of the basics which can so easily get lost in the day to day hustle and bustle.  It helped ground me and reminded of same basic tools that I can use to re-engage my board.”

Edwina Brandon, International Documentary Association

“I am a new board member for a non-profit.  The Charity How To webinar provided great insight about the role of the board, expectations and "how to's" when developing strategy and providing direction for the organization beyond simply how to raise funds.”

Will Anderson

“Webinar provided tips, examples and usable information that can be implemented to improve the workings of my board and organization.”

Caitlin MacKenzie, Washington Waldorf School

“It was very informative, clear and actually gave a veteran fundraiser some new material and points to use when coaching a volunteer.”
Karen Barter, The House of the Seven Gables

“This webinar was full of extremely useful information. Exactly what I needed to bring to my Board.”

Brigitte Hopkins, Westerly Library & Wilcox Park


Presented By Brian Saber

president of Asking Matters.  Brian has raised hundreds of millions of dollars over 25 years by personally soliciting thousands of donors and working with the boards of directors of more than 100 organizations, coming to understand the art of the ask in a way that few people do.  Because of his remarkable experience in asking, Brian has been able to break down the process of asking to its fundamental components, making simple what for many seems daunting. He knows how to persist through his own anxieties, remembering again and again that his success as a fundraiser makes a corner of the world a better place.

Brian has worked in social service, education, and the arts, raising money for his alma mater, Brandeis University, Northwestern University Settlement, and The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, among others. He is currently a consultant to various organizations around the country and presents, trains, and writes on fundraising and the art of the ask. Recent clients include the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the U.S. Olympics Committee, the St. Louis Planned Giving Council, Volunteers of America, the Utah Society of Fund Raisers, and the Salvation Army National Resource Development Conference.



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