Fundraising For Introverts: A Beginners Guide To Raising More By Finding Confidence in Networking, Face-To-Face Asks, Telephone Calls and More..(Recording)

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Fundraising For Introverts: A Beginners Guide To Raising More By Finding Confidence in Networking, Face-To-Face Asks, Telephone Calls and More..(Recording)
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A Whopping 85% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

Award-winning fundraisers Nikki Bell and Simon Scriver, who have overcome anxiety and self-doubt to become public speaking contest winners & successful relationship fundraisers, will share their learnings of how to achieve your fundraising goals when all you really want to do is hide behind your desk.

You’re empathetic, creative, and skilled in spotting opportunities, all qualities to be a great fundraiser. But to be an amazing fundraiser you need to put yourself out there, network constantly, and be comfortable in front of a crowd.  Let’s face it...we don’t always feel up to it...but these fundraising skills are necessary!

In this fundraising webinar recording introverts, Nikki & Simon will give you the tools and the confidence you need to open new doors, boost your fundraising training and advance your career.

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording You Will Learn:

  • How introverts can get the most out of networking events...even when you dread them.
  • How to structure a successful and confident phone call.
  • How to make great presentations and pitches as an introvert.
  • How to make an ask face-to-face as an introvert and overcome your fear.
  • How to build your online presence and make the most of social media.
  • How to gain confidence and build your personal brand to open new doors and advance your career.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Networking Cheat Sheet For Introverts
  2. The Introverts Telephone Fundraising Check-list
  3. Sample Telephone Structure & Transcript
  4. Starting Social Media Networking - How-To Guide
  5. A list of standard objections and suggested responses
  6. Slides and recording

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Very engaging presenters. Enthusiastic celebration of introverts and clear and precise how-to's.”

Elizabeth McNamara, Full Circle Consulting

“There was a LOT of information! I loved that it ran 1 1/2 hours, instead of trying to fit that much information into only one  hour. It didn't feel rushed or like we were missing something important.”

Kelli Knapp, Warren Library Association

“The presentation from CharityHowTo was extremely relevant and sincere, not just a textbook. The presenters have first-hand knowledge of the topic they present. They are easy to relate to. Great group of professionals!”

Laurie Pinover, PARC

“I greatly appreciate that they both began with some of their personal experiences. I am glad we were given some concrete examples of how to structure a cold call and what that looks like in practice, as opposed to a presenter telling us just to "boost our confidence".

Destiny Johnson

“Throughout three decades of fundraising I've often questioned how my INFP brain could have allowed it. "Chatting" -- pushing past "no" -- "getting together for lunch" -- joining organizations to "network" -- for me the math is just wrong. Through this excellent webinar -- presented by people like me -- I received great new strategies and specific tools to work with my "deficit" without questioning my need to nurture the quiet that feeds me. Thank you! “

Nela Long, CHRISTUS Health

"Fundraising for Introverts - Didn't think it was possible, but Nikki and Simon taught someone who's been in fundraising for a while, new ways to capitalize on the strengths of being an introvert. Great webinar!"

Therese BianchiCatholic Health

"Both presenters were very engaging and knowledgeable. They used their own experiences to enhance the sector's best practices for fundraising! Will be re-watching again."

Kaleema Kerbs, Hands On Greater Portland

"As introverts do, the presenters spoke with empathy for all of us listeners. The tips were so useful, and I'm more likely to download and use the supplementary materials than I have been for any other webinar."

Sue Yip, Merced Housing Texas

"Nikki and Simon have provided so much information that has allowed me to feel more empowered to do my job effectively. Fundraising and relationship-building as an introvert can be difficult, but with these tips, tricks, and advice, I feel much more confident!"

Joshua Webb, Center for Leadership Development

"Excellent primer for introverts and fundraisers! Outstanding overview."

Marshall Martin, National Naval Aviation Museum

"I found this webinar to be very interesting and informative. It was very helpful to learn about some techniques to use as an introvert as well as some of the fundraising strengths that introverts have. I look forward to trying out some of the techniques and checking out the resources!"

Elise Middleton, Music for All, Inc.

“Great presenters! They're so knowledgeable and relatable. Highly recommend.”

Norman Aquino, Hawaii Meals on Wheels

“I like that this webinar recognizes introverts and speaks to their strengths and weaknesses. All the information presented in the webinar is practical and can be put into use immediately. Thank you!”

Lauren McHale, The L'Enfant Trust

“This webinar helped me gain confidence by using my introverted skill set.”

Victoria Shank, Pinnacle Community Services

About Your Topic Experts:

Simon Scriver is a professional fundraising consultant, coach, trainer, Board Member, and practitioner.

Simon has won Fundraising Ireland's 'Small Budget, Big Impact' and ‘Supplier Of The Year’ Awards, as well as Eircom’s Start-up Award. He is a TEDx speaker and has previously won the Toastmasters UK & Ireland International Speech Contest. A board member of a small non-profit ‘Making Connections’, he also sits on the Advisory Panel of Rogare, the international fundraising think tank, and is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and the AFP.

Simon also offers consultancy to some of the biggest and smallest charities in Ireland and abroad. He offers advice and training to non-profits to make their fundraising more cost-effective, speaking regularly at international conferences. He holds a Diploma in Fundraising and a Certificate in Fundraising.

Nikki Bell MinstF (Cert) is an award-winning relationship fundraiser, #SocialCEO Rising Star, and international speaker.

With a certificate in fundraising and over eight years experience in the charity sector, Nikki has worked with the community, individual giving, telephone, F2F, and corporate fundraising teams for charities large and small; responsible for growing and leading fundraisers, developing strategies, and raising money through innovation and strong relationships. Having recently worked with the British Heart Foundation, leading fundraising for the North East of England and managing the charity's 2018 brand refresh, Nikki now works as a consultant, trainer, and mentor with KEDA Consulting.

With a passion for supporting and celebrating brilliant fundraising, Nikki sits on the Institute of Fundraising’s National Fundraising Convention board, as well as organizing the North East of England Fundraising Conference.  She also blogs at and tweets at @CharityNikki.

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