Free Webinar: Fundraising 101: The Fundraising Cycle - What Is It, and How Do You Make It Work for Your Mission?

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Free Webinar:  Fundraising 101: The Fundraising Cycle - What Is It, and How Do You Make It Work for Your Mission?

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The basic fundraising cycle applies to all types of nonprofits and all sorts of campaigns, from the annual campaign to support your local animal shelter to the multi-million-dollar capital campaign for a major university. The fundraising cycle is the foundation for all development efforts, and it pays to know how to work it effectively.


Fundraising is much more than asking. Donors’ reasons for giving are complex, so development professionals must understand how to engage with donors effectively at each step in the cycle. What motivates donors? What keeps current donors committed to your mission? What methods can you use to motivate new donors to give and remain a part of your nonprofit’s family?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to donor engagement. Every successful fundraising campaign is built on a strategic understanding of the fundraising cycle. Knowing where each donor is in the cycle--and the types of engagement opportunities that work best for each step in the cycle--will help you acquire more donors, steward relationships with your current donors, and raise the money you need to meet mission.

Join Heather to learn the basics of donor engagement at each step in the fundraising cycle.

What we will cover during the live webinar:

The five major steps of the fundraising cycle

Donor engagement opportunities at each step in the cycle

Tips and tricks for board, staff, and volunteers to get involved in donor engagement

Key Benefits of this Webinar:

Your development plan is more likely to succeed if it is built upon the concepts of the fundraising cycle.

You will be able to better engage donors in meaningful ways by using engagement tactics appropriate to each step in the fundraising cycle.

You will have the fuel you need to motive your board and volunteers to help you engage with donors and raise more money!

Bonus Materials:

1.      The Fundraising Cycle with Engagement Tips

2.      A brief list of helpful links and resources

3.      Webinar recording and slides


** This course is brought to you by a GPA approved trainer. Heather Stombaugh is one of only 14 people in the entire world who is a GPA approved trainer. **

Heather is a nonprofit expert with more than 16 years of experience in leadership, program development, marketing, and fundraising. She is the founder of JustWrite Solutions, a national nonprofit consulting firm. Heather is one of fewer than 400 Grant Professionals Certified (GPC) in the United States and one of less than 50 professionals in the world who holds both the GPC and CFRE certifications. She has secured more than $80 million for nonprofits across the country.

Heather has served as an author and presenter for The Balance (formerly’s Nonprofit Charitable Orgs section), CharityChannel, CharityHowTo, CD Publications, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, and Thompson Interactive. She presents nearly every month at workshops and conferences around the country. She is the Chair of the national Grant Professionals Foundation, the Past President of the Board of Baskets of Care (Toledo-based), and the Scholarships Committee Chair for AFP Northwest Ohio. As an active member of the Grant Professionals Association, Heather serves as the editor of the GPA Weekly Grant News and regular regional and national conference presenter. She is also the founder of the Great Lakes Virtual Chapter of the GPA, the first virtual chapter in the country.

Heather lives in rural Ohio with her husband and their two ginger-haired children. Together they raise a flock of poultry and harvest bushels of vegetables and herbs on a mini-farm. In her spare time, Heather reads science fiction, researches her genetic and genealogical histories, and marathon-watches documentaries. She also knows how to juggle fire.


Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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