Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Budget In Crisis (Recording)

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Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Budget In Crisis (Recording)
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In the past several months, you’ve moved from “will this impact our budget" to “how badly will this impact our budget" to “what budget..." While there are many important webinars on how to sustain your fundraising in this environment, this session is focused on your NEXT budget. If you’re getting ready for the next fiscal year, you’re probably throwing out numbers without really knowing what can be expected and how to plan. In this free nonprofit course, we will review the academic studies that guide our own process of building a sample budget using a nonprofit budget format example, step-by-step. You’ll not only come away with various budget scenarios but a way to move seamlessly into execution for the following year. 

Cherian Koshy, CFRE is an AFP Master Trainer and has worked as a frontline fundraiser for more than 20 years. In addition to planning and executing multi-million dollar budgets, he has served on more than a dozen nonprofit boards serving in leadership and financial roles and conducting budgeting workshops and building budgets during several prominent crises and resulting in sustained, long-term funding. He’ll be sharing what he’s learned over the years and helping you do the same. 

Cherian is specifically qualified to teach this recorded webinar because:

  1. Co-presented with CFOs and CPAs on nonprofit budgeting
  2. Prepared and successfully executed several crisis-era budgets
  3. Currently preparing budgets for several nonprofits

During This Free Nonprofit Class Online You Will Learn:

  • How to apply the academic research on crisis level budgeting
  • How to prepare your next budget, step-by-step
  • How to provide forward guidance to your board
  • How to operate within your new budgets and unlock opportunities

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  1. The Only Budget Template You’ll Ever Need
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What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“Cherian covered a ton of ground in a short period of time - this was the best webinar I've attended regarding budgeting during a crisis period!”

Mark Tipton, WERU Community Radio

“The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and provided an engaging approach to a subject that I normally find dry and dreadful.”

Marsha Filion, Hospice Help Foundation

“This webinar gave hands-on suggestions I can do immediately to get a sense of where my organization is now and how to adjust for the future.   Not just theory but some nuts and bolts.”

Nancy Wiehagen, The Greeley Transitional House, Inc.

“It's rare when I encounter a webinar in which I experience every piece of information shared to be extremely valuable.  This is one, no question.  Mr. Koshy not only knocked it out of the park, he knocked it a mile out of the park.”

David Luna

“The presenter was extremely knowledgeable, very well versed in nonprofit work, and gave real and useful information for a spectrum of budget in crisis organizations during this scary pandemic. I appreciated the uplifting sentiments that we are all amazing and extremely intelligent, too.”

Jenny DeRuntz, The YWCA Berkeley/Oakland

“Game changer for budgeting post Covid-19. Presenter Cherian Koshy brought a lot of value. Budgeting 101 from a non-CEO Prospective. Lots of practical takeaways. The one that struck home was the strategy for presenting worst case budget scenario to our Boards.”

Scharan Johnson, Informs

“We are a very small non-profit agency and under normal conditions do not have money available to pay for webinars.  Therefore, we are extremely thankful that you occasionally offer free webinars that we can take advantage of your remote learning opportunities.”

Mary Coates, The Cumberland Adult Reading Council

“The ability to hear from a true Fundraiser, Cherian Koshy, on how accounting departments think and function was priceless!  This might have been the most worthwhile seminar I've ever attended.”

Lorie Fees

“Cherian Koshy is a fantastic presenter on many topics (I'm a fan!). And in this instance, he excelled even more. Trying to make sense of budgeting in the midst of this COVID crisis is an extremely daunting task. Cherian was honest about the challenges (a welcome relief!) and then offered actionable steps for how to do the best possible in uncertain, volatile times. This session helped me move from dismay to conviction on how I can, and must, act to sustain my nonprofit.”

Karen Schofield-Leca, American Nurses Association

“This webinar was extremely timely and detailed. The host covered a lot of information in a short period of time while still addressing the needs of the audience. I was very impressed by the added "Remember to celebrate when you're doing well" slide. It was a healthy reminder for the current environment.  Our organization is very grateful to have access to this service.” 

Debrasha Rogers, Danceworks Inc.

“This was a very clear description of how to use budgeting in strategic planning during this unusual time.  It is very helpful to have these tools.”

Marilyn Cleveland

About Your Topic Expert:

Cherian Koshy is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and AFP Master Trainer with more than twenty years of experience. He serves as the Director of Development at Des Moines Performing Arts, one of the nation's premier arts organizations. As a member of the advisory panel for Rogare: The Fundraising Think Tank, he has written a number of articles and contributed to a number of papers on fundraising ethics, professional development, and philanthropy in the US. He was appointed by the governor to Iowa’s Commission on Volunteer Service where he helps advance legislation to support volunteerism and engage Iowans in volunteer activity.

He is a co-founder of the Des Moines Fundraising Institute, a non-profit designed to instruct fundraisers on best practices. Nationally, he serves as a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals External Relations and Professional Development Divisions as well as a regular presenter at the AFP International Conference and regional workshops on fundraising. 

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