How to Build a Strategic Communications Plan for Mission-Driven Success (Recording)

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How to Build a Strategic Communications Plan for Mission-Driven Success (Recording)

How to Build a Strategic Communications Plan for Mission-Driven Success


Not sure how to connect with donors? Join us for nonprofit training on how to develop, write, and execute a strategic communications plan that your whole organization can use—and that actually advances your mission.

This step-by-step recorded webinar will guide you through the key components of a comprehensive communications strategy, tools for overcoming internal hurdles, and recommendations for how to implement your plan successfully. We’ll cover how to craft core messaging tenets and determine how to apply them to different audiences and across all sorts of channels—from canvasser talking points to your website and social media to traditional newspaper op-eds.

By the end of this 90-minute webinar recording on effective communications, you’ll have a clear, simple structure for your organization’s next—or maybe first!—strategic communications plan and the deep understanding of how all the parts fit together in your nonprofit marketing plan. 

During This Nonprofit Communications Plan Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to structure your strategic communications plan
  • How to frame it for use by anyone in your organization—even outside communications staff!
  • How to set communications-specific goals—and relate them to your broader work
  • How to think about your target audiences, starting with the most important stakeholders
  • How to differentiate among strategies, tactics, and tools—and explain to your team why these are all different
  • How to scope your efforts appropriately for your organization’s size, capacity, and goals
  • How to prioritize communications channels, from social media to op-eds and beyond
  • How to conceive an elevator pitch and core messages
  • How to build out supporting messages and FAQs
  • How to answer “tricky” questions—the ones you don’t want to be asked
  • How to build a basic editorial calendar—and why the details don’t belong here
  • How to start implementing your comprehensive communications strategy—and why it will never be “done”

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Comprehensive Strategic Communications Plan Template
  2. Guide To Developing Core Messaging Tenets
  3. Messaging Update Checklist
  4. Supplement for non-communications pros
  5. Webinar recording and slides

About Your Topic Expert:

Allison is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because:

  1. She has developed and implemented strategic communications plans for clients across a wide range of topics, capacities, and budgets.
  2. She has more than a decade of experience working with and writing for mission-driven leaders across the public and nonprofit sectors, including at the highest levels of government.
  3. She has taught webinars on messaging, strategy, and more to audiences including the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference and the Rock Your Social Summit.

Allison Ehrich Bernstein is a communications strategist, speechwriter, and editor through her consulting firm, Allative Communications. Since 2017, she has worked with nonprofits and mission-driven organizations to turn good work into great communications. Current and past clients include the Agricultural Viability Alliance, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, MIT Solve, the Montgomery County Planning Department, ROC USA, and Towards Justice.

Previously, Allison handled communications and written speeches, opinion pieces, and digital content for local and global leaders, including numerous political and advocacy campaigns and at the U.S. State Department, Accion International, Hilltop Public Solutions, and Hillary for America. She has also worked with Senator Barbara Boxer, the Center for American Progress, West Wing Writers, the 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee, and Governor Gina Raimondo.

Allison has also volunteered with the Taproot Foundation, Helping Hands Community, Get Her Elected, and other organizations to help ensure that strategy and messaging for a good cause don’t need to depend on a big budget.

Currently based in Illinois, she believes that good communications should help move an organization to reach its goals with intent and passion.

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar for Nonprofit Professionals:

“This webinar was relevant, well-prepared, and well-presented.  The supplemental materials are helpful, and delivered in advance.  Thank you!”

Shaun Yu, Dayton Public Radio

“Our organization is growing and saw the need to create a communications plan, but we didn't know where to start. This training helped create a good foundation.”

Wendy Osborne,  Tabitha's Way

“Very informative, with applicable real-life examples!”

Heather Shaw, The Association of Alaska School Boards

“The instructor was really well-versed in building a strategic communications plan and thinking at a higher level. She also helped to keep the audience grounded in terms of thinking about strategy vs tactic which is critical when developing a plan.”

Stephanie Stenglein, Arts+

“The facilitator of today's Strategic Communications Webinar was enthusiastic and engaging -- not an easy feat in the current day and age of so many Zoom events! I learned so much and am excited to return to my team with refreshed ideas on how we can use creative tactics and goal-setting to connect with each of our audience segments. Thank you!”

Emily Demsetz, Matriculate

“Given that we are nearing the end of a Strategic Planning exercise AND launching our new website at the same time, this 90 minutes spent with Allison just might be the most valuable use of my time in years! We have so much to communicate to multiple audiences, I now feel much more confident that we'll be able to do it successfully. Thank you!”

Dana Mooney, Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance

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