How to Write an Action Oriented Annual Plan For Your Nonprofit Using a One Page Framework (Recording)

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    Rachel Bearbower
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How to Write an Action Oriented Annual Plan For Your Nonprofit Using a One Page Framework (Recording)

Do you ever find yourself so absorbed in the day-to-day operations of your nonprofit that you can only plan a few months in advance? Maybe you’re constantly operating in crisis mode and you’re frustrated you can never seem to get ahead?

You’re not alone.

Creating sustainable impact for yourself and those you serve starts with a plan.

Having a plan will also allow you to feel less scattered. Your annual plan is essential in being more thoughtful in the execution of your daily operations and strategy when looking ahead at what’s to come. 

But, your annual plan will remain just a document until it’s fully aligned and activated within your nonprofit. Fear not, a plan that is simple, actionable, and easy to use is a breeze with the right framework.

Join Rachel Bearbower for a 90-minute recorded webinar where she will guide you through translating your big and bold vision into action with a one-page framework you consistently use all year long — and more importantly, allow you to operate from a place of calm and stability. 

During This Nonprofit Webinar Recording, You Will Learn:

  • How to reclaim your time by stabilizing what you’re already doing and systematically focusing on what generates the most impact with simple time management strategies
  • How to create goals that are strategically aligned for the good you want to achieve, but you know, are actually achievable
  • How to plan with a seasonal mindset so you can be agile and focused without feeling overwhelmed
  • How to build your annual plan blueprint that won’t disappear into the depths of your Google Drive or under a stack of papers
  • How to thoughtfully align your organization and prioritize your growth by activating the biggest fans
  • How to consistently re-evaluate your annual plan to boost your impact and expand your capacity to make a difference

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Fast action checklist
  2. Annual goal planning worksheet
  3. Nonprofit annual plan template
  4. Growth tracker spreadsheet
  5. Workbook
  6. The Webinar slides
  7. The Webinar recording

About Your Topic Expert:

Rachel is specifically qualified to teach this webinar because she:

  1. Has been a founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit and uses a practical approach to implementing plans and systems inside a real organization.
  2. Built a community of small shop nonprofits that transforms leaders from feeling scattered and overwhelmed to being laser-focused on creating sustainable impact. 
  3. Currently works with hundreds of organizations every year where she teaches these exact strategies that help you reclaim your time so you can focus on raising money, building relationships, and growing as a leader.
  4. Personally uses these strategies inside her own business and on the farm where she lives and is a farmer-in-training.
  5. Is a speaker, podcast host, and thought leader focused on supporting small shops.

Rachel Bearbower is the founder and CEO of Small Shop Strategies, a nonprofit consultancy focused on teaching Executive Directors how to reclaim their time, so they can focus their time and energy on building relationships and raising more for the missions that mean the most to them. 

Rachel has worked with hundreds of organizations and presented to thousands through Bloomerang, Network for Good, We Are For Good, Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, Education Plus, and many other organizations.

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