The Nonprofit Board of Directors Bundle

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The Nonprofit Board of Directors Bundle
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Recorded Webinars Included in This Bundle:

  • WEBINAR #1: How To Create An Engaged Board of Directors: A Step by Step Guide
  • WEBINAR #2: Get Your Board to Give Their Biggest Gifts and Help You Fundraise
  • WEBINAR #3: How to Be an Awesome Nonprofit Board Member - A Beginners Guide
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You know that you need an active and engaged Board of Directors, but you are not sure how to create one. Imagine how much you could accomplish if every board member contributed his or her best gift and was enthusiastically involved in helping the organization fundraise.  

If you want this for your organization, you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of nonprofits both big and small that have a lackluster Board of Directors.  You know the kind.  They just show up for meetings and then leave.  Or they recruit all of the “warm bodies” in town to become Board members.

So what do you do? You can’t just keep asking them to “solicit their lists” - it’s not strategic and it deadens your board members’ spirit and willingness to be involved.

The presenters of this bundle’s webinars are on a mission to create high-performing nonprofits from the foundation up, starting with a strong and effective Board of Directors.

A Look Inside This Webinar Bundle:

WEBINAR #1: How To Create An Engaged Board of Directors: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • How to Identify the Best Candidates for Your Nonprofit Board of Directors
  • How to Screen Your Prospective Board Candidates To Ensure a Match Made In Heaven
  • How to Organize and Support the Board
  • How to Onboard and Orient Your New Board Members
  • How to Hold Engaging Board Meetings
  • How to Monitor Board Performance for a High-Octane Effective Board of Directors

WEBINAR #2: Get Your Board to Give Their Biggest Gifts and Help You Fundraise

  • Create a board culture where the importance of giving and helping fundraise is clearly understood and embraced
  • Develop a board process that absolutely will raise the level of board giving
  • Educate your board on what it means to be involved in fundraising as a board member
  • Train your board on the art of soliciting gifts face-to-face

PLUS, Bonuses Included in Webinar #1:

  1. Board Composition Matrix Template
  2. Board of Directors Profile Template
  3. Board of Directors Recruitment Process and Procedures Sample
  4. A Prospective Board of Directors Application Process
  5. Screening Interview Template
  6. A Board Commitment Form Sample
  7. Board of Directors Responsibilities and Expectations Form Sample
  8. Board Self-Assessment Sample
  9. The Webinar Slides & Recording

PLUS, Bonuses Included in Webinar #2:

  1. Board Member Resource Commitment Form
  2. Anxiety/Excitement Worksheet
  3. Creating a Culture of Asking Worksheet
  4. Culture of Asking Checklist
  5. How to Support Each Asking Style Chart
  6. Ask as You’d Be Asked Exercise
  7. Find Your Own Words Exercise
  8. Get Your Board to Give Worksheet
  9. The Webinar Slides & Recording

WEBINAR #3: How to Be an Awesome Nonprofit Board Member - A Beginners Guide

  • How to Effectively Govern as a Board Member
  • How to be a good nonprofit Board Member
  • How Boards Work and Your Role
  • How Board Meetings Are Effective and Your Role
  • How to Get Engaged and Involved in Fund Development
  • How to Work in Partnership with Staff
  • How to Ensure That You Are Doing Your Best Job As a Board Member

PLUS, Bonuses Included in Webinar #3:

  1. Board Composition Matrix Analysis Template
  2. Board Committee Position Description Sample
  3. Sample Board Member Position Description
  4. Sample Board Member Expectations Form
  5. Sample Board Member Committee List
  6. Sample Board Meeting Consent Agenda
  7. Sample Board Member Fund Development Expectations
  8. Sample CEO Position Description
  9. Sample Board Member Self-Assessment Form
  10. The Webinar Slides

About Your Topic Experts:

Brain Saber is the President of Asking Matters.  Brian has raised hundreds of millions of dollars over 25 years by personally soliciting thousands of donors and working with the boards of directors of more than 100 organizations, coming to understand the art of the ask in a way that few people do. Brian is currently a consultant to various organizations around the country and presents, trains, and writes on fundraising and the art of the ask. 

Robin L. Cabral is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) with over twenty years of experience and millions of dollars raised assisting non-profit organizations as a development professional overseeing all aspects of fund development from annual funds to capital campaigns and donor communications. In 2012, Robin started Development Consulting Solutions “Hire A CFRE!” that provides outsourced fund development consulting services and interim fund development staffing.

What Attendees Said about These Nonprofit Webinar Recordings:

"Extremely helpful - he shared simple ways to get board feeling comfortable about fundraising. Gave step by step instructions and had great worksheets/materials.”

Ursula Washington, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

”This was the very best webinar *I have listened to on this subject. I took copious notes, but also was so pleased with the fact that I chose this webinar because I'm inundated with work and thought I had little time to devote this afternoon. I must say that everything was so clearly stated, so easily understood... I feel energized and more knowledgeable about moving forward with our Board of Directors. Thank you for this very important present this afternoon!”

Harreen Bertisch, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc.

“I've served on many boards across a wide spectrum throughout my career and now in retirement. I've also attended many how-to seminars and webinars. This webinar was excellent -- in its content, its presentation, and the materials provided.”

Scott Butler

“This webinar was a great resource for best practice knowledge of board development. I am excited to take many of the things I learned and the shared tools and use them in the field with my Board of Directors. I highly recommend this for anyone in governance or who engages with your organization's board.”

Whitney Wong, Oregon Nurses Association

“It was very informative, clear and actually gave a veteran fundraiser some new material and points to use when coaching a volunteer.”

Karen Barter, The House of the Seven Gables  

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