New! Six Hour Interactive Workshop: How To Develop a Sustainable Monthly Donor Program

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New! Six Hour Interactive Workshop: How To Develop a Sustainable Monthly Donor Program

New interactive workshops ! 

With Breakout Sessions, Worksheets, Quizzes and Exercises

Unlock the Power of Monthly Giving!


Workshop Date(s) & Time(s): 

Join us in this 3-part interactive workshop

  • Session 1 - April 19th,2023 - 1 - 3 pm, EST
  • Session 2 - April 26th, 2023 - 1 - 3 pm, EST
  • Session 3 - May 3rd, 2023 - 1 - 3 pm, EST

This Workshop is Perfect for you if:

If you’re looking to make sustainers part of your overall fundraising strategy, you can’t afford to miss the NEW 3-part CharityHowTo Monthly donor workshop designed for the nonprofit professional who is looking to either establish or grow their monthly donor programs.

No matter the size of your organization, you will benefit from learning more about monthly giving – which has become popular with donors of all ages. In this action-packed workshop, filled with exercises, quizzes and sharing, you’ll discover proven approaches and new ideas for storytelling, marketing, payment systems, reports and statistics.  

You’ll come away with the stories, messaging and materials you can implement in your organization right away. 

We’ll look at sustainers from an omnichannel perspective: digital, mail, face-to-face, phone, text and social, while focusing on acquisition, stewardship, cultivation, retention, as well as extra gifts, upgrades and conversions. 

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to ask questions during discussions and, most of all, you’ll benefit from lots of sharing amongst organizations through break out sessions. 

This workshop is broken out in three separate sessions on three separate dates: 

  • Session 1: Why monthly giving and How to Acquire new monthly donors
  • Session 2: How to steward, cultivate, ask for extra gifts and upgrade monthly donors 
  • Session 3: How to retain monthly donors 

Each workshop will consist of a 2-hour commitment to include breakout sessions, exercises, and sharing.  

If you cannot attend a session, you will receive the recording and bonus materials, but we strongly advise that you attend all 3 sessions to get the intended outcome.

During This Nonprofit Workshop, You Will Create:

Monthly donor invite emails, short messaging to use on your website and donation forms, retention messaging, upgrade appeals, and more. You’ll also create a plan to start generating more monthly donors right away. 

During This Nonprofit Workshop, You Will Learn:

  • How to value monthly donors for your nonprofit.
  • How to get your back office, website, and donation forms ready
  • How to find the best ways to acquire new monthly donors for your nonprofit
  • How to create the stories you need to acquire monthly donors 
  • How to recognize and steward your monthly donors 
  • How to find the best times to ask monthly donors for an extra gift and upgrade them to higher levels
  • How to create a monthly donor planner 

During This Nonprofit Workshop, You Will Be Responsible For:

  • Apply the learning and examples to create the stories you need for your nonprofit so you can start generating more monthly donors right away.
  • You’ll be expected to prepare homework assignments, participate in break-out sessions, attend time built in for Q&A, etc. 
  • You need to commit to all three sessions to join this workshop and get the intended outcome.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. A complete monthly donor workbook
  2. A stewardship plan
  3. A monthly donor story template 
  4. A process planner for monthly donor retention 
  5. A retention playbook with templates 
  6. A year-1 donor planner to customize for your nonprofit
  7. A multi-year planner to calculate the value of monthly donors 
  8. The Workshop Slides 
  9. The Workshop Recording 

About Your Topic Expert:

Erica Waasdorp is specifically qualified to teach this workshop because:

  1. Erica has raised millions of dollars with and for her clients in monthly gifts. 
  2. She wrote the books Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant and Monthly Giving Made Easy. 
  3. She created The Monthly Donor Roadmap and The monthly donor starter and marketing kits for Donor Perfect and other resources. 
  4. She has presented hundreds of webinars on monthly giving
  5. She has presented at numerous conferences in-person on recurring giving
  6. She has presented numerous virtual and in-person workshops on sustainers
  7. Erica is passionate about monthly giving and she has seen and continues to see the power of this sustainable and donor-centric way of giving. 

Erica Waasdorp is President of A Direct Solution, located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Erica lives and breathes direct response and fundraising and can be considered a Philanthropyholic.  

She works with non-profit clients all over the country as well as internationally, helping them with their appeals and monthly giving. She is also the former US Ambassador for the International Fundraising Congress (IFC), 

Erica Waasdorp published two books on monthly giving. Her first Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant, published in 2012 and Monthly Giving Made Easy, a How-To Guide, published in May of 2021.  She created the Monthly Donor Road Map and several e-books including the Monthly Donor Retention Play Book and many other resources.  Erica is an AFP Master Trainer, and she regularly blogs and presents in person or virtually on appeals, direct mail, and monthly giving.  

If You Register and Cannot Attend One of The Sessions, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides and Bonus Materials.

Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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