Better Messaging = Better Results: Creating a Nonprofit Brand that Compels People to Action (Micro Lessons)

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Better Messaging = Better Results: Creating a Nonprofit Brand that Compels People to Action (Micro Lessons)

This nonprofit course will be offered in a bite-size learning format,
with lessons broken down into 3-7 minute segments.

Better Messaging = Better Results: Creating a Nonprofit Brand that Compels People to Action (Micro Lessons)

Digestible, Snackable Bitesize Micro Lessons On-Demand Course!


If you feel like your website isn't generating results...if your email and direct mail campaigns are falling on deaf're not creating a clear path to meaning. When people see that path, they act, and if you want your mission to thrive, you need to get them to act. 

This highly practical, 12-part course will help you create a messaging framework for your Nonprofit brand that compels people to action. Get on board and learn how to write a compelling story for fundraising!

We’ll strip away all of the unnecessary messages and distractions and focus on what works for the nonprofit sector that will help you achieve your fundraising goals. Using story strategies that have transcended 1,000 years of communication and culture, your audience will see the best version of themselves in your Nonprofit brand. You’ll be more confident and more efficient at describing why and how people should get engaged, and you’ll really advocate for your cause.

What you will learn during this Micro Lessons course (In 5 Minute Lessons) on Nonprofit Branding, Nonprofit Storytelling, and Nonprofit Marketing:

  • Why storytelling is the best framework for communicating
  • How to drive impact by helping donors and partners achieve their goals 
  • How to simplify your messaging around three core principles
  • How to reboot your homepage for better engagement
  • How to structure efficient and effective emails, letters, presentations, and more

Course Outline: 

This Micro Lesson includes 3 Units and 12 Lessons: 

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  1. Lesson 1 - Introduction
  2. Lesson 2 - Making Advocates: Setting the Stakes
  • Unit 2: The Advocate Arc
  1. Lesson 3 - Story Theory Basics & Defining Success
  2. Lesson 4 - The Advocate Arc - Knowing Your Audience
  3. Lesson 5 - The Advocate Arc - Creating a Path to Success
  • Unit 3: The Advocate Arc in Practice
  1. Lesson 6 - How to Apply the Advocate Arc 
  2. Lesson 7 - Rebooting Your Nonprofit Homepage, Part 1
  3. Lesson 8 - Rebooting Your Nonprofit  Homepage, Part 2
  4. Lesson 9 - Rebooting Your Nonprofit Homepage, Part 3
  5. Lesson 10 - Better Nonprofit Letters and Emails 
  6. Lesson 11 - Better Nonprofit Brochures and Presentations / Wrap-Up
  7. Lesson 12 - Nonprofit Examples

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  • Setting the Stakes Worksheet
  • The Advocate Arc Worksheet
  • Rebooting Your Homepage Worksheet

About Your Instructor:

Tim Whitney has over 25 years of experience working with nonprofits of all sizes and missions, assisting with branding, messaging, design, website development, video production, email marketing strategies, grant writing, and policy and program development. He’s also a lawyer, a movie nerd, and an Emmy-nominated documentary director.

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