Make it Stick! How to Design Volunteer Orientation & Training That Engages Learners

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Make it Stick! How to Design Volunteer Orientation & Training That Engages Learners
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A Whopping 90% of the People Who Attended This Nonprofit Webinar Rated It As Great to Excellent!

During this webinar, we’ll show you, in six steps, how to develop training that both engages new volunteers and improves the quality and consistency of the services they offer your organization. 

Content delivered is not always content learned. When you’re developing training for volunteers, you need to know the key differences between merely presenting information and actually inspiring learning, and we will show you how! 

Your presenter, Tobi Johnson, has over 20 years experience developing training courses for nonprofits. She will share her best advice on how to design training for volunteers that gets them excited about your nonprofit and prepares them to help. You’ll walk away with seven time-saving planning templates and renewed confidence you can create training that sticks.
 During This Nonprofit Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Step 1: How to Gather the Information You Need to Set the Foundation for “Sticky” Training
  • Step 2: How to Develop Learning Goals for Your Training
  • Step 3: How to Choose the Best Methods & Materials for Your Audience and Budget
  • Step 4: How to Choose Innovative “Sticky” Training Activities
  • Step 5: How to Plan Course Timing So It Doesn’t Overwhelm Volunteers
  • Step 6: How to Evaluate Your Training to See if it Worked

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Course Design Planning Worksheet
  2. Volunteer Training Priorities Spreadsheet
  3. Learning Objective Worksheet
  4. Delivery Methods & Materials Matrix
  5. Learning Activity Options
  6. Tips for Better Presentation Slides
  7. Training Agenda Template & Sample
  8. A Consolidated Workbook of all of the above for easy download
  9. The Webinar Recording & Slides

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“My first webinar with CharityHowTo was worth every penny and then some - it provided me with an important light bulb moment that will greatly enhance our volunteers' experience and my own professional worth. In addition to that, there was a tremendous amount of valuable information that I look forward to returning to and harnessing to our benefit.”

Georgia Afton,  Little Brothers Friends Of The Elderly

“This will undoubtedly help us improve our volunteer recruitment, training, coordination & retention. Thank you!”

Jennifer Grabner, Southern Boone Learning Garden

“Loved the format,  lots of useful information that's easy to use, I  will definitely be using this to develop my organization's training materials.”

Javier Gonzalez

“A very engaging, informative webinar! Highly recommend!”

Michelle Raugust

“Engaging, educational and extremely helpful.”

Elaine Smith-Poyourow, Frisco Family Services

“Very good and interesting, easy to keep up with the speaker and take notes.”

Airlie Parham, Little Brothers -  Friends of the Elderly

“I thought the Webinar was very helpful and look forward to applying the tips to our training.”

Rosana Rivera, Womanshelter Compañeras

"Webinar was great and very informative. It was to the point and time was utilized effectively and efficiently!"

Phil Mesiti, Autism Up

"This webinar was helpful in thinking about the current training we offer and the direction in which we want to go.  Lots of great ideas that we can absolutely implement."

Holly Kaffenberger, Stephen Center 

"I'm excited to incorporate what I learned in this webinar into our next Volunteer Orientation."

Regan Smurthwaite, California YMCA

"I did not realize how much was lacking in my training sessions! I will definitely use the information."

Margaret Jenkins, The Mary Campbell Center

"In addition to the knowledge shared, there were practical application suggestions and some terrific resources." 

Michele Branconier

About Your Topic Expert:

Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA is an internationally recognized author, speaker, thought leader in the field of volunteer engagement. She is president and founder of Tobi Johnson & Associates, a consultancy that helps nonprofits of all sizes strengthen their volunteer strategy, and VolunteerPro, an online learning and networking community for volunteer managers.

Tobi is also a contributor to Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights for Transforming Volunteer Programs in a Changing World, edited by and published by Wiley & Sons in May 2015. She shares insights and evidence-based strategies to attract, inspire and mobilize top volunteer talent through Tobi’s Volunteer Management Blog.

If You Register and Cannot Attend, You Will Get the Webinar Recording, Slides, and Bonus Materials.

Sorry, there are no upcoming live presentations scheduled yet.
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