The All-In-One Google Grants Service For Your Nonprofit

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With the All-In-One Google Grants Service the average nonprofit spends $300 per month and benefits from $6,000 per month in free Google advertising, and it's all managed for you!

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  Why Google Grants?

Your nonprofit is eligible to receive up to $10,000 per month in free online advertisingfrom Google Grants to promote your website at the top of Google search results pages. How much you benefit from this free advertising depends on how much time and AdWords search engine marketing expertise you have.

Google Grants is a potential annual online advertising budget of $120,000 for you. That’s money that doesn't have to come from your existing marketing budget or from donors. Can you imagine what your nonprofit could do with this endless supply of free online advertising? No? Well here are some nonprofit marketing initiatives Google Grants can tackle for you:

  • promoting events and selling tickets

  • growing online donations and fundraising

  • raising awareness

  • building email lists

  • connecting with supporters

  • recruiting volunteers

  • initiating sponsor relationships

  • signing up newsletter subscribers

  • registering memberships

  Why sign-up?

The All-in-One Google Grants Service is the perfect solution for your nonprofit if you want to get up to $120,000 per year of Google advertising to promote your nonprofit.  You’ll also get a skilled, certified Google AdWords expert to create, manage, and optimize all the AdWords ad campaigns for your nonprofit.  

On average nonprofits who attempt to implement and manage Google grants themselves only realize $300 of the $10,000 monthly ad funding while nonprofits who leverage the “All-In-One Google Grants Service” benefit from $6,000 of the $10,000 on average every month.   

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  Why The All-In-One Google Grants Service?

Let's face the facts. The majority of nonprofits don't have the time, in-house expertise, or resources to benefit from all of the $10,000 worth of free advertising provided by Google every month.

Do you or your co-workers have AdWords certification and/or search engine marketing training?

Is there any more time in your day to learn how to use and optimize Google Grants and the complex Google AdWords interface effectively?
Can you set aside time in your day to monitor, manage, and grow the effectiveness of these ad campaigns?  

Let's suppose your nonprofit has $300 per month to use on advertising for a fundraising event. You spend time working on the copy, the creative, postcards, postage, email marketing, web marketing, and more. So far you’ve spent $300 per month and you didn't get much in return because it’s not a lot of marketing dollars even for small nonprofits.

Now let's suppose that you sign-up for the "All-In-One Google Grants Service" and spend the same $300 per month, but instead you'll receive on average $6,000 per month in advertising and it's all managed for you. That's a no-brainer and that's why you need to take advantage of this no-risk offer.  
The setup fee is regularly $500, but for a limited time it's only $150. Your first month’s management fee is free and after that you only pay $300 per month. You can cancel at anytime!
It’s simple; do it on your own and get very little in return versus spending $300 per month and get an average $6000 per month in effective advertising managed by certified Google advertising experts.  

ConnectAd, a CharityHowTo Partner, will do everything for you; they have the time, expertise, and resources to take the burden of managing and growing your AdWords advertising campaigns right off your shoulders.

  What the no risk CharityHowTo & ConnectAd All-In-One Google Grants Service will do for you:
  • Guide you through the Google for Nonprofit and Google Grants applications from start to finish

  • Consult on landing pages designed for supporters to take action on your website (e.g. enter their email, register to volunteer, make a donation, subscribe to a newsletter)

  • Perform keyword research

  • Develop and implement ad campaigns

  • Create ad text and ad copy

  • Provide monthly ad campaign monitoring, management, and optimization

  • Report account and campaign performance on a monthly basis

  Benefits of signing up with ConnectAd for the All-In-One Google Grants Service:
  • Our team is AdWords certified by Google

  • ConnectAd only works with nonprofits and charities

  • We help nonprofits benefit from most of the $10,000 of free advertising every month instead of just a fraction of it

  • 100% Google Grant application success rate

  • ConnectAd manages over $6.7 million worth of annual Google Grants free ad funding

  • Our expertise generates more than 100 million ad views per year on Google search results pages

  How much does it cost?

For a limited time only, there’s a one-time setup fee of $150  (regular value is $500). Sign up now and get the first month's management fee for free. After the first month, there’s a recurring monthly management fee of only $300.  

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On average nonprofits who attempt to implement and manage Google Grants themselves only realize $300 of the $10,000 monthly ad funding while nonprofits who leverage the “All-In-One Google Grants Service” benefit from $6,000 of the $10,000 on average every month.   

Have questions for about the service ask us here!

No Obligation! Cancel at Any Time! 

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