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NonprofitOS, is platform that will save you and enormous amount of time for nonprofit content creation.

By entering a few keywords, the system will generate content for various purposes, such as direct mail campaigns, social media posts, blog posts, email subject lines, and grants.

NonprofitOS is specifically designed only for nonprofits and can learn from your website to craft better messaging. It will keep improving its results as you use it.

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  1. There are many differences however by far the largest difference is that NonprofitOS is designed uniquely for nonprofits only, nothing else like it exists anywhere!
  2. ChatGPT doesn't learn from your inputs.
  3. Free ChatGPT doesn't have consistent access (you might have to wait or lose historical results)
  4. In the next month, we are going to be able to get even more specific with how the “NonprofitOS” model adapts to your organization and its language -- more on that to come but it's a HUGE difference.
  5. Also, we are skeptical of how long ChatGPT will be free. So, while both ChatGPT and NonprofitOS run on OpenAI, we have backup models in case OpenAI goes down.

  1. Email Enhancements
  2. Creative Story
  3. Content/Blog Writing
  4. Social Media
  5. Thank You Note
  6. Testimonial
  7. Landing Page
  8. Text Expander
  9. Advocacy Appeal
  10. Pitch Deck
  11. Letter of Intent
  12. Profile Bio
  13. Cover Letter
  14. Press Release Original
  15. Meeting Request Letter
  16. Fundraising Ideas
  17. Problem-Agitate-Solution Copywriting
  18. Attention-Interest-Decision-Action Copywriting
  19. Meta Title
  20. Giving Tuesday Appeal
  21. Video Ideas
  22. Tagline
  23. Program Description
  24. SMS (text messages)
  25. Excel Help
  26. Free General Appeal
  27. SEO Meta Description
  28. Video Description
  29. YouTube Description
  30. Tax Receipt
  31. Monthly Giving
  32. Emergency Appeal
  33. FAQs
  34. Interview Questions
  35. Plot Outline
  36. How To
  37. Lapsed Donor Appeal
  38. Prospect Three Email Drip
  39. Job Description
  40. Planned Giving Appeal
  41. Facebook Social Media
  42. Matching Appeal
  43. Twitter Social Media
  44. Phone call script
  45. Performance Improvement Plan
  46. Google Ads
  47. Reply to Review
  48. Prospect Appeal
  49. Year End Appeal
  50. Brand Description
  51. Donor Visit Follow Up

  • Yes, we are receiving incredibly positive feedback from the existing system and we are incorporating many new changes and powerful features that will improve its value and impact the price. We anticipate a price increase within a month or two depending on the timing of product feature releases.

  • Absolutely, there are more than 40 writing prompts available such as blog posts, email appeals, social media posts, thank you notes, and more.

  • Absolutely, you can use NonprofitOS to write your social media posts for you! Simply login and underneath "start your project!" Click on the "digital and social fundraising" icon! Here you will find many options including social media texts, blog ideas, taglines, SMS, SEO, creative story writing and much more.

  • We’ve got you covered here too! Simply login and at the top of the page click on "Account" here you can manage your social media connections. Once you've connected your social media simply click on "Scheduler" at the top of the page.

    To use the scheduler, login and at the top of the page click on "Account" here you can manage your social media connections. Once you've connected your social media simply click on "Scheduler" at the top of the

  • We are just now rolling out the enterprise level based on a larger nonprofit's need for multiple users and message testing! It primarily allows multiple users to share generations with one another and for team members to create various content types.

    All of the other features that we're releasing this month will also be available to individual users. However, we will be increasing our pricing to accommodate those updates. Users who are already onboard will remain on their pricing plan.

  • If you receive the following error “The service Humanloop - Generate ACTION just returned an error (HTTP 422). Please consult their documentation to ensure your call is set up properly.”

    This is because there are quotation marks (“) in your prompt. Please delete quotation marks (“) and retry your generation request.

  • We don't have permission to share customer lists but there are more testimonials here: As of March 2023, we have more than 150 users from more than 100 nonprofit organizations.

  • This may be due to an outage with OpenAI ( We are working on backup systems so please try reloading the site but know that we are working on the issue.

  • There isn't a delete option but you can edit the previous result and erase everything and hit save. That would remove it from the previous list.