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How To Run a Nonprofit Auction Checkout - A Step-By-Step Guide (Recording)

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Author: Sherry Truhlar
Duration: 90 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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Too many nonprofits have a great nonprofit auction, only to have an epic fail during checkout.

Checkout is a critical part of your event’s success, yet many planners lack a complete understanding of the process.  A disorganized checkout leads to misplaced and lost donations, long lines of guests, panicking volunteers, and angry donors. 

The good news is that even WITHOUT buying software, you can have a flawless checkout. 

During this webinar recording, you’ll learn the step-by-step process that’s helped hundreds of nonprofit auctions succeed.  At your next event, you’ll track purchases, collect money, and distribute items, all WITHOUT DRAMA.

This webinar recording is perfect for you if ….

  1. You and/or your committee need a refresher on running checkout.
  2. You need to train a new team of people on checkout. 
  3. You’re a “newbie.”  Maybe this is your first nonprofit auction, or the first auction you’ve helped plan.
  4. You’ve bought auction software, but haven’t grasped how to manage the event outside of the software program.  (Many software companies are good at training you on the technical side of their product but fail to explain the human elements of checkout, such as tricks for onsite set-up, packing, bagging, and delivery.)

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • Overview: What used to be called “checkout” is now “guest services.”  Learn how to manage the merging of registration and checkout.  By viewing photos from real nonprofit auctions, you’ll see how to organize your registration table, cashier station, pick-up area, silent auction, and more.
  • The 7 reasons checkout fails: Identify your root cause and learn the simplest way to fix it.
  • Staffing: Learn how many volunteers you need and what each person’s ‘job’ is.  There are 6 roles on a checkout team. Using the volunteer job descriptions, you’ll place the right person into each position.
  • Auction terminology:  Benefit auctions have their own language, and definitions vary wildly between nonprofits and individuals. (E.G. an “auction item” isn’t the same as a “package” or “prize.”) We’ll nail down descriptions so there’s no confusion as we begin stepping through the process. 
  • Pre-event activities: Learn the tasks to be completed prior to the onsite event (e.g. supplies, set up, etc.)
  • Onsite process:  How to run checkout, step-by-step. We’ll be looking at actual event photos of volunteers managing each part of the process.  “First do this, then walk here and do that.” Get the idea?  You’ll envision yourself at your gala, moving through the motions of what you will do at each point in the process.
  • Five variations: Depending on your event’s activities, you can adopt any one of these. Understanding the evolving role of technology (from credit card to mobile bidding) is covered, as recent changes in the industry have lowered costs and expanded your choices.


  1. Volunteer job descriptions for the checkout roles
  2. Item donation spreadsheet
  3. Bid sheet to use in your silent auction
  4. Vendor list of companies offering auction checkout software and processing capabilities, in case you want to invest in these resources later.

What Attendees Said about This Webinar Recording:

"Very informative - I learned some great new techniques for our next auction and other events as well.”

Brandy Blackstone, Bay Community Support Services

“I've been in charge of running our auction for 15 years, but I still learned a few new tips from this webinar and will be putting them into practice at next year's event.”

Kathy Smith, Turning Point

“Great information provided, liked that there were different options presented.”

Peggy Osborn, Camphill Foundation

“I loved the webinar. Received great insight and ideas that I plan to implement at my organization's silent auction. Definitely feeling more comfortable and confident in the event with these tools. #holygrail”

Cynthia Court, Mather Hospital

Presented by Sherry Truhlar, CMP, BAS, CAI:  Sherry Truhlar is the voice for nonprofit auction success.  As founder of Red Apple Auctions, her dynamic company is devoted to empowering auction planners and over 9500 of them now participate in her online and offline programs. Her advice has been covered by Florida’s Sun Sentinel, The Washington Post Magazine, Town & Country Magazine, and Northern Virginia Magazine. As an award-winning charity auctioneer and mentor to thousands, she guides professionally-staffed and volunteer committees in how to properly stage auctions to achieve higher returns. How did she find herself in such an entrepreneurial career?  When her exploratory work in the field landed her on television programs with the likes of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and home carpenter Andrew Dan-Jumbo, she packed up her cubicle at GE and launched Red Apple Auctions.

This product is no longer available, sorry for the inconvenience!