Copywriting for Online Fundraising

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Copywriting for Online Fundraising

Copywriting for Online Fundraising

Partner Content Disclaimer

We are excited to offer NEW “Partner Content” to our nonprofit community from our highly qualified and vetted experts. Partner content offers a deeper dive into some popular topics to better serve your nonprofit and its mission. 

Partner Content is created by experts in their style and teaching method and does not necessarily follow the CharityHowTo methodology of teaching. We are excited to partner with our experts in this way, and to offer their courses to our nonprofit community.

Copywriting is one of the most essential fundraising skills and is the primary tool you have to communicate with your donors. In this course taught by Amy Harrison, you’ll learn proven techniques that lead to better results.

When it comes to copywriting, nonprofits and for-profits alike struggle with all the same challenges – regardless of vertical or size. Although the outputs look different from organization to organization, there is a universal set of copywriting principles and techniques that can help you connect with your donors in a more relevant way.

During this course, special guest instructor Amy Harrison will draw on her vast copywriting experience and expertise in order to teach you time-tested and proven techniques that you can use each time you sit down to write.

Plus, she’ll demonstrate how these principles apply across different online fundraising mediums including:

  • Email copy
  • Subject lines
  • Donation pages and landing pages
  • Headlines

All in all, this course will help you become a better copywriter – leveraging proven techniques that will help you create a more meaningful connection with your donors that can lead to more conversions, more donations, and more revenue for your organization.

Course Breakdown

  • Introduction

Module1 - What You Need to Know Before You Write

  • What is Copywriting?
  • Why is Copywriting Important Today?
  • How to Feel Confident Asking for Donations
  • A Word of Warning Before You Write...

Module 2 - Know Who You Want to Reach

  • What is a Copywriting Profile and Why Do You Need One?
  • Do You Need More Than One Copywriting Profile?
  • Who is Your Donor? (Demographics)
  • What Does Your Donor Want?
  • What's the Problem? (And Why is it Bigger Than They Think?)
  • Using Symptoms to Get Your Donor's Attention
  • Using a "Donor Monologue" to Write Personal Copy

Module 3 - How to Get Your Reader's Attention

  • Communicate Quickly and Clearly
  • Avoid Writing "Invisible Copy"
  • Using an Impact Table to Communicate Value
  • Communicate Value With Contrast
  • Communicate Value With Butterfly Moments
  • Writing Taster Copy for Downloads, Events, EBooks, and More…

Module 4 - Techniques to Make Your Copy More Compelling

  • It's Always About Your Donor
  • How to use Curiosity
  • Writing Clear and Compelling Calls-to-Action
  • Using Urgency

Module 5 - Putting It All Together

  • Messaging for Repeat Donations
  • Writing Email Copy
  • Writing Headlines
  • Writing Email Subject Lines
  • Writing Landing Page Copy

Throughout this course, Amy will refer you to these additional worksheets that you may want to use and find useful: 

  • Email narrative prompter
  • Campaign Donation Page Narrative prompter
  • Copywriting review worksheet
  • Copywriting for Online Fundraising Worksheet

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