How To Sell Virtual Event Sponsorships (in Micro Lessons)

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    Dana Snyder
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How To Sell Virtual Event Sponsorships (in Micro Lessons)
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This nonprofit course will be offered in a bite-size learning format,
with lessons broken down into 3-7 minute segments.

How To Sell Virtual Event Sponsorships 

Digestible, Snackable Bitesize Micro Lessons On-Demand Course!

Are you ready to attract and retain corporate sponsors for your virtual events - and beyond?

During this Micro Lesson, you’ll learn how to find new corporate sponsors, where to reach them, and how to pitch ideas that establish long-term relationships.

If you learn by doing, this Micro Lesson is for you! 

This Micro Lesson is designed like a workshop with activities to do after each lesson to put learnings into action. 

 Each session features quick, digestible, and actionable lessons no longer than 10 minutes long. Rewind and watch again or skip forward if you need to.

Get ready to get out that pen and paper and get to work!

In this Micro Lesson You will Learn:

  • How to create and communicate your impact goals
  • How to connect sponsor initiatives with your own
  • How to use Facebook to find new corporate sponsors
  • How to use LinkedIn to develop a lead list 
  • How to create custom, creative solutions for potential sponsors
  • How to price your event sponsorships that inspires giving
  • How to present and outline meaningful data to show sponsors

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. An email template to use when pitching corporate partners
  2. 5-Step Checklist to find new corporate sponsors
  3. The Micro Lesson Slides

Course Outline: 

This Micro Lesson includes 3 Units and 7 Lessons: 

  • Unit 1: Lessons 1-4
  1. Lesson 1: Introduction + Set Up Your Impact Goals
  2. Lesson 2: Use Facebook to Find New Sponsors
  3. Lesson 3: Connect Your Sponsor’s Initiatives with Your Own
  4. Lesson 4: Use LinkedIn to Develop a Lead List
  • Unit 2: Lessons 5-6
  1. Lesson 5: Create Custom & Creative Solutions for Potential Sponsors
  2. Lesson 6: Pricing Your Virtual Event Sponsorships to Inspire Giving
  • Unit 3: Lesson 7
  1. Lesson 7: How to Present and Outline Meaningful Data for Sponsors

About Your Instructor:

Dana Snyder has 10+ years of digital marketing experience. She understands what it’s like working at a nonprofit with a budget of $0 to running international fundraising campaigns.  

Dana has worked with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, American Idol, Unseen, The Gary Sinise Foundation, Hashtag Lunchbag, The Television Academy, and many more.

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